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Ironics - Iron only clan

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Hey all, 

I decided to create a Iron/HCI clan for the community of Ataraxia. This clan is open to anyone considering the iron/hci mode or anyone who is currently an iron/hci.  We are mostly a relaxed clan you can come in and ask questions and just hangout. Once we become more established we will hold some events. 

I myself am playing on a hardcore iron account so if you have questions about the game mode or are just looking for a place to bounce ideas off with another fellow hardcore ironman, this is a good place!

I am active on RS3 with a maxed main and on OSRS I have a semi successful Ironman. 

The clan chat name is Ironics you can pm Dave or Space for an invite. Space is my HCI alt account. 

A discord can be established if that is something people are interested in. 

The clan application is optional if you want you can just ask in-game for an invite but I figured i'd provide it in case if someone would like to join this way. 


In-game name? 

What do you like to be called? 

What is your game mode? 

What is your favorite in-game accomplishment so far? 


Since there is no real method for me to track clan xp or time in without creating spreadsheets we will keep the ranks nice and easy and just separate based on involvement and physical rank in-game. 

Ranking Structure

Recruit - Normal accounts

Corporal - Iron accounts

Sergeant - Hardcore iron accounts

Lieutenant to General - Dedicated members. These members offer advice and are a contributing members to the clan. Contributing members are members that often go out of their way to assist or are routinely providing advice to members. Feel free to nominate people who you see are doing a good job. Anyone is capable of obtaining these ranks regardless of your status. 

Admin+ - Staff members of the cc. 

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