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Guides Needed! [Rewards]

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What is this?

This is a call for the community to come up with some creative guides. Why? Because the first place new players to the community look is usually the Guides section to get an idea of how to train each skill respectively. And if you have a look at our current Guide section, it is similar to Chernobyl in 1986. So with this, the staff team and I have decided to have a "competition" if you will for the best guide created.

How it works & Rewards

So how this will work is whoever makes a really good, quality guide that's appealing to read/view will receive 2 Mystery boxes in-game. A good example of this is @Khitarra's Starter Guide that you can find here. All amazing guides that are created will receive $10 store credit that can be used on anything.

Good luck, hope to see some awesome guides coming out in the next coming week or two.   



PS. Feel free to make a guide on any Minigame or Skill you choose, even if it has already been done and you think you can create a better version.


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GOGOGOGOOGOGOGOGOGO I wanna see guides, pictures, pretty colours, help my autistic brain process information! 

Guides we need:

Dungeoneering (good luck)
Herblore - DONE
Monster Locations
Mining - DONE
Fishing - DONE
Firemaking - DONE
Summoning - DONE
Crafting - DONE
Divination - DONE 
Construction - DONE
Agility - DONE
Hunter - DONE

Fight Caves
Every boss pretty much
Pest Control
Soul Wars


Have fun 😉

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