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Staff Updates #11 - 7th August 2019

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Staff Updates 7th August 2019


@C J has been promoted to B0D0WDG.pngGlobal Moderator
CJ was promoted to Global moderator due to his valuable commitment to Ataraxia.
He has shown that he is well capable of making decisions and is insanely knowledgeable of the game.
Always willing to get on in a heartbeat should anyone need his help. Top bloke.
Congratulations on the promotion.

@imagine dat has been promoted to Z2MlStV.pngGame Moderator
Imagine was promoted to moderator after hours and hours of slaving as a Support.
Since that time he has improved a lot and has a great knowledge of the server.
He consistently showed us that he is putting in heaps of effort to better himself as a person and as a staff member.
Congratulations on the promotion.


@Krittur has been promoted to i4R97Op.pngServer Support
After seeing Krittur had applied we already knew he was someone we were interested in.
He is always online and helping whenever he can, and now with Support he can project that even more.
I see a lot of potential with him.
Congratulation on the successful application.




@kevinnothell has resigned from i4R97Op.pngServer Support
Kevin was promoted alongside Krittur but unfortunately decided after a short ride he wasn't as keen anymore.
We respected his decision to resign and appreciate all the help he has given us in the space he was there.
You were very valued in the team 🙂 
Best of luck in future endeavours.


@E36 has resigned from B0D0WDG.pngGlobal Moderator
This was inevitably going to happen at some point.
Anyone that knows E personally knows he is an insanely fun, enjoyable person to talk to and get to know.
I fucking love this guy. No homo.
He has been by my side on here for years, from regular players in Duel Arena to side by side as staff.
We witnessed the destruction of version 1 due to his hands, and yet still kept him around.
I remember being on call with him for hours on end with Uzi as his kids harassed him while we trolled and messed around.
Unfortunately he has run into life issues and no longer can find the time to continue being staff on the server.
He is by no means quitting! Not under my watch 😛 
You've done a lot for this team, and server. A lot more then people know.
Much love and goodluck with real life 💗


@Witt has resigned from Z2MlStV.pngGame Moderator
Unfortunately Witt has resigned from Moderator due to not feeling motivated to log in anymore.
He decided that he would rather step down and  open a position rather then wait for the flare to get back into it.
He put in a lot of hours and work for us which, of course, is super appreciated.
Wish you the best outside of Atar.
We'd welcome you back with open arms ❤️



@Debuff was demoted from i4R97Op.pngServer Support
While Debuff's promotion was short-lived, he did help whenever he was online.
We appreciate all that you did.
Unfortunately, we decided that Debuff wasn't fit for the purpose we were after at the time.
Although, that being said in future I'm sure we can revisit 🙂 


Milo, Jaedmo, Uzi and Node

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Damn we lost two server supports and a global mod, CONGRATS TO DADDY CJ ON THE PROMO THO THAT'S LIT

CONGRATS TO EVERYONE welcome to the dad squad.

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You forgot about me 😞

Ps. take my mod from forums

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