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Ataraxia Updates #23 - 29th April 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #23

- Araxxor and Vorago Rotations
- New SoF items/pets
- LMS Reward rework
- Shop sell price for t70 items!


[+] General Changes

- Telos' damage has been buffed, however, healing reduced
- Chocolate bars have been added to the RFD chest for Ironmen Herblore
- Dragonhide bodies have been added to Crafting skilling contracts
- Decreased the range of laps required for completion of the Prifddinas Agility skilling contract
- You now have less chance of receiving a contract in a skill you are 1B experience in
- Coal will automatically go into a Coal bag if the Player has one in their inventory
- You can now type ;;dropcatcher to block specific drops you don't want collected
- King of the Skill has been removed from the Active game modes, details about this to come in the next few days
- There's now a confirmation dialogue when removing Auras
- Lottery will now only be active on the Weekends
- Total contracts completed modifier now resets daily
- You can check the results of the Group Iron-man polls at the Poll booth


[+] Shopkeeper Purchase Values

- You can now sell the following items at General stores for a nice Coin value:

Bandos Helmet, Chestplate, Tassets, Gloves, Boots, Godsword
Armadyl Helmet, Chestplate, Chainskirt, Gloves, Boots, Godsword
Subjugation Hood, Robe top, Robe bottom, Gloves, Boots, Zamorakian Spear, Zamorak Godsword
Saradomin's Murmur, Whisper, Hiss, Saradomin's Sword, Godsword
Elder shortbow (u), Elder shortbow, Elder shieldbow (u), Elder shieldbow

- Hopefully this rotates a bit of cash into the Eco. You can now get rid of all your useless GWD1 items.


[+] LMS Rewards

- Trickster, Battle Mage and Vanguard rewards removed.

- The following rewards have been added to the COMMON table: 5 Tortured souls, 5 Ataraxia dollars, 5 Medium Bonus XP lamps, 3 Small protean packs

- The following rewards have been added to the RARE table: 2 Supply caches, 10 Ataraxia dollars, 10 Tortured souls, 5 Large bonus XP lamps, 3 Rare item tokens, 3 Medium Protean packs

- The following rewards have been added to the VERY RARE table: 5 Large protean packs, 5 Huge bonus xp lamps, 6 Rare item tokens, 15 Tortured souls, 15 Ataraxia dollars, Dragon limbs, Large rune pouch, Twin Furies set of weapons, Dragon rider lance, Helwyr set of weapons & the Golden ticket.

- What does the Golden ticket do? Anyone who has a Golden ticket in their possession at the end of the Month will have entry into an Amazing goodie-bag. Pictures and thread to follow.


[+] Squeal of Fortune Rework

- Golden Cane
- 500 Frost dragon bones
- Skypouncer, Bloodpouncer, Blazehound, Fire Drake, Shadow Drake, Fire Lycan, Jungle/Shadow Gorilla, Springy


- Dragon Claw
- Serpentine Rapier/Cbow/Wand
- God Banners
- Half Full wine jug/easter egg/disk of returning
- Snowboards
- All of the old SoF pets



- 250 Frost dragon bones
- Supply Boxes for resources
- Snowboards


- Golden Cane
- Animation Overrides
- Beach party items
- Archon Items
- Warlord Items
- High Armour of hanto items
- Mexican items (idk what they classify as)
- Slayer Tower shortbow/DT maul/WT Staff



- 100 Frost Dragon bones



- 50 Frost dragon bones

- Buncha other undocumented stuff
- My main reasoning behind this is that a lot of the items received from SoF are hot garbage. Hopefully this makes it a bit more exciting, removing the trash items from the Jackpot and adding some new cool pets which will be pictured below.
- The Uncommon/Common reward tables have been left fairly unchanged. Uncommon is 90% Elite skilling outfits, and Common.. Well you shouldn't get anything to write home about anyway.

[+] New Legendary Pets


Adult skypouncer


Adult bloodpouncer


Blazehound adult

Fire Drake

Fire Drake adolescent

Shadow Drake

Shadow Drake adolescent

Fire Lycan

Fire Lycan (adult)

Jungle Gorilla

Jungle Gorilla (adult)

Shadow Gorilla

Shadow gorilla (adult)



- All of these pets are under the Jackpot of Squeal of Fortune!
- You can also use these pets as Legendary pets!


[+] Full Vorago

- Our Vorago had issues, so I outsourced a perfected version for Ataraxia.
- You now have all 6 Vorago rotations: Ceiling collapse, Scopulus, Vitalis, Green bomb, Team split & The End
- Hopefully this makes Vorago a bit more enjoyable and challenging.
- Please notify us of any issues regarding Vorago and they will be fixed as soon as possible.


[+] Full Araxxor

- We now have fully working Araxxor.
- Previously, we had to disable the Darkness path due to issues with Nulling. It has been disabled for so long and the Developers were unsure of what caused the issues.
- So I decided to source the Full fight from someone else.
- Araxxor now has 3 fully working Paths: Darkness, Minions & Acid.
- Now you can finally branch out away from just Minions & Acid paths.
- Please notify us of any issues ASAP regarding Araxxor.


[+] Bug Fixes

- Tess no longer drops as  the tendril
- Soothsayer can now be spoken to, checking your enrage, the enrage leaderboard and other options
- Executioner's demise executing you randomly even without the perk is fixed
- Seren Godbow now works, hasn't been needed but forgot to make it not kick people
- Random occurrences where players were experiencing the negatives/positives of pet perks without even having them has been fixed
- Telos stunning you without being able to avoid it as you should has been fixed
- Golems will no longer lose aggro on Phase 5 of Telos
- Golems health scaling has been fixed so they are killable on P5
- You will no longer get stuck in a constant animation of killing a golem during a Telos fight
- Purple sweets can now be eaten properly
- The Gem bag now works
- Issues fixed with the Coal bag, it now works properly
- Knights of Ardougne now have the proper attack stats
- The Scroll of cleansing from Dung will no longer cause you to stop making potions
- All dart/bolt contracts will now count for 15 actions instead of 10


I know a lot of people have been waiting for these Telos fixes for a while. I ensured they'd be fixed ASAP.

Unfortunately, it just didn't work out that way.

Someone brought up that it shouldn't have been released with these issues.. And I apologise.

When setting the time-limit of the Telos release, these issues weren't known.

And we were not notified by testers of them until 2-3 days before the release & At this time the Developer was busy.

My apologies, Telos should be 100% now.


Gambling is fully completed, awaiting extensive testing.


Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium

Ask the developers questions here

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Great update as usual! Love the new Drop Catcher feature!

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Nice updates, thanks!

Only thing im not sure about is the frequency of Ataraxia Donation Dollars for LMS wins. $5 potential for a 'normal' win, and $15 for very rare. Im interested to see if/how that will work out?


Or are Ataraxia dollars only added to the total donated and thus those dollars are not eligible to purchase anything in store?

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Great update as usual, looking forward to see what the golden ticket does.. 

And we all need a pet slinky in our lives.

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nice update, love the drop catcher feature. Also, Im glad that SoF got some reworking done to it, nice work.

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