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Hot Milo

Staff Updates #7 - 9th April 2019

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Staff Updates 16th October 2018


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@Witt has been promoted to i4R97Op.pngServer Support

Witt is an extremely active, loyal player and that was shown with his POTM award.

Players find him easily approachable for help, and very chilled.

He has met the role with a good attitude and overall brings a good vibe in the team,

Welcome to the team and I hope you have enjoyed it so far 😛


@Chris has been promoted to i4R97Op.pngServer Support

Like Witt, Chris is an active loyal player and even though was denied countless times,

continued to push on and has proven us wrong for denying him.

Well deserved and well done to you Chris,

Keep killing it.


@Nemesis has been promoted to i4R97Op.pngServer Support 

Wait.. 2ic0gg8.pngGame Moderator

Wait.. B0D0WDG.pngGlobal Moderator

In case it isn't evident enough Nemesis has proven himself to be an EXTREMELY good, hard working

asset to the team and has on countless occasions gone out of his way to try help anyone in any way he can.

His quick promotions prove that he is well trusted and is overall an amazing staff member.

It's good to have you here, Nem.

Hope you are enjoying it ❤️


@Vincent has been promoted to 2ic0gg8.pngGame Moderator

Vincent (2595) has proven his time as Support valuable and knowledgeable about the game.

As a wise man once said with great power comes great responsibility,

And Vincent is well fitted for that. Like Nemesis he also reaches to great lengths to help others.

Players or staff.

Thank you for your effort and we hope you continue to be as awesome as you are.


Rendered Image

@Snowie has been demoted from 2ic0gg8.pngGame Moderator. 

It is a shame that you lost motivation to play as a staff member, but as they say all good things come to an end.

You were a tremendously good staff member.

I hope you are finding it more enjoyable now as you're free from our wrath 😉

Best of luck for the future, take care. ❤️ 


@Arachnid has resigned from 2ic0gg8.pngGame Moderator

Like Snowie you were an amazing staff member that lost motivation and time,

yet you still held on an extra month to make it easier for us

and put in a lot of hours, and withstood my low IQ,

And I appreciate all that you have done to help us.

Lurking in Discord to staff, back to lurking in Discord.

We will miss you ❤️ Take it easy


@Nik has resigned from i4R97Op.pngServer Support

Nik was an amazing staff member, lots of highs and a few lows,

one in particular which unfortunately came down to Nik resigning.

No matter what happens your time and effort you put in for the short time you were staff,

will not go unappreciated. Thank you ❤️ 

Rendered Image

@Moo was demoted from i4R97Op.pngServer Support

You should of talked to us.

This was a shame to write as you had a lot of potential.

Take care.


Best regards,

Milo & Jaedmo (And Uzi)

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Lots of changes! Thanks for keeping everyone updated @Hot Milo!

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they should start calling this "Belated news reports" anyway good luck to the new staff even though they've been staff for a while now 😛 

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Sad to see Snow + Spooder resign tbh, hope to still see them around in-game though 😄

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Thanks for the kind words, also best of luck to everyone who was promoted 🙂

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