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Ataraxia Updates #21 - 8th April 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #21

- New Legendary Pets
- Bug Fixes
- New DZ Features
- Dungeoneering Keepsake Shop
- Poll System start
- New Contracts!!!


[+] General Changes

- Chronicle Fragments from Divination will now go to your bank upon collection
- You can now use ;;maxhit to see your maxhit at any donor rank
- Range of Herbs gathered from Farming increased from 3-10 to 5-12
- Onyx has been removed from Tzhaar shops
Overload salves now work for ;;timers & Now makes you immune to poison
- You can now "Open-10" Herb boxes from Herbivore, and they'll display your loot
- Lottery Coordinator now has new Right click options: "Place-bet", "Statistics" & "Claim"
- You can now teleport to Ascension Dungeon
- ;;starter command to @Khitarra's Starter guide
- Saradomin brew drops have been reduced in quantity
- A Poll booth has been added at ;;home, this will be used to gauge your opinions on important future updates
- Lootshare has been disabled in Vorago
- Pest control rewards have been slightly nerfed
- Diamond Crafter has been added to Diamond Zone. It acts as a Prifddinas harp yet yields more Harmonic Dust & Experience
- Portable Brazier & Altar have been added to Boss Portals teleport
- Hazelmere and Shopkeeper have been added to Diamond Zone
- Ghostly Essence drop rate has been increased
- Ironmen can now get Glassblowing pipes from Bob
- When you PM someone who is AFK, it will notify you that they are so
- You will now receive a notification when Vote Book experience boost expires
- You can now talk to the Gorajo hoardstalker at ;;home at 120 Dungeoneering to access his Dungeoneering shop, this contains Primal, Celestial and Sagittarian armour for Keepsakes. (You are currently unable to buy stuff from here, if you wish to buy armour, contact an Admin in-game or on Discord Fix ASAP)
- Hydrix has been removed from LMS Shop
- Vampyrism Aura has been added to the Combat Aura shop
- Dragonhide has been edited to be less powerful than Armadyl
- GWD2 essence drops will now all announce
- Mud runes are no longer an unlimited animation
- Alchemical Smithing will now make Iron bars never fail


[+] Squeal of Fortune Rotation

- The Squeal of Fortune rotation has been changed to: Thieving & Dungeoneering
- Read up on the outfits here:
https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Gorajan_trailblazer_outfit & https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Master_camouflage_outfit
- I plan on reworking the entire Squeal of Fortune in the next few weeks, stay tuned.


[+] Rare Item Token Store Rotation

- The butterfly outfit has been added, among other Easter-esque items:




[+] Skilling Contract Changes

- Contract blocking now scales better with your levels
- Magic stone quantity from Skilling champion reward reduced
- Cash amount reduced from Skilling champion rewards
- Buffed points from contracts, added method to limit amount of points received to prevent insane numbers
- Reduced chime reward from Skilling champion
- The Cost to block Skilling Contracts has been reduced from 300 to 100
- New Skilling shop for Advanced Master with the addition of SHB parts & Fishing supply box:


- Multiple Contract changes to Quantity, rewards & Tasks
- Hunter contracts have been added



[+] New Legendary Pets

- All of these pets are $6 each, and will bare some uhhh.. Benefits soon.




Tiny Lucien



Kipple Nano



Tiny Hazeel



Sayln the Shark









Idol Crabletine



Tiny Kharshai



Tiny Sliske






- Blame RSWIKI for the dumb sizes.

[+] Bug Fixes

- Slayer Dart attack now does damage
- Catherby Banking NPCs are now in the correct position
- Aggression pots no longer allow you to attack NPCs outside of your Slayer Level
- Aggression potions will no longer allow you to make Strykewyrms aggressive
- Cooking Raw Karambwanwanwan will no longer give cooked KAramwanjijiji
- Silverhawk boots will no longer award experience in different skills
- Glacyte minions are now attackable
- Fixed shops having a non-functional Sled, PM an admin if you have one that's un-rideable
- T90 items disappearing when using MNP or Using them on a bank has been fixed
- The Soulsiphoner perk healing 25% despite the Healing nerf to Soulsplit has been fixed, it now heals 7.5%
- You are no longer able to get multiple clues from Skilling
- Pets will no longer suffer damage from Barrage
- Guthan will no longer heal through Protect/Deflect melee
- You can no longer create Hydrix rings without a furnace
- Elite Waterfiends can now be attacked in Multi


Telos Countdown is now: Here

Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium

Ask the developers questions here


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Because i'm the owner bitch.
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Notifications when vote books expire is the real MVP of the update

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Tim looks funny AF, nice updates thanks to those who have dedicated their time to getting these done 😄 

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Posted (edited)

Legendary pets, YESSS!!


EDIT: Not sure if intended, maybe pets should also be added to Uzi's Perk Shop?

Edited by Hanzo

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