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Order of the Ascension

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ascensioncrossbow.png Order of The Ascensionascensioncrossbow.png


I. Introduction to Legiones

  Legiones, commonly known as Ascension Bosses. are a group of 6 Notoriously hard Bosses that are found in the Ascension dungeon. Which is located in oo'glog Monistary.
There is an ascension NPC which will create your ascension crossbow with 1 of each signet, and a Dragon-crossbow. Each individual Legione drops their own signet, which will be shown below.
II. Inventory & Gear Setup
 From Left to right, this is a gear setup, as range is going to be the most effective way to kill legione, as the further you are away from them, the less damage they will do to you.
Helmet:  Sirenic mask > Pernix cowl > Superior death lotus hood > Death lotus hood > Full Slayer Helmate > Armadyl helmet > Karil's coif
Neck: Amulet of souls > Farsight blood necklace > Farsight sniper necklace > Saradomin's murmur >  Amulet of ranging > Amulet of fury
Body: Sirenic hauberk > Pernix body > Superior death lotus chestplate > Death lotus chestplate > Armadyl chestplate > Karil's top
Legs: Sirenic chaps > Pernix chaps > Death lotus chaps > Armadyl plateskirt > Karil's skirt
Gloves: Ascension grips > Pernix gloves > Swift gloves > Armadyl gloves
Boots: Pernix boots > Glaiven boots > Armadyl boots
Cape: Completionist Cape > TokHaar-Kal-Xil > Ava's alerter > Ava's accumulator > Any Skill cape > Legends Cape
Ring: Archers' ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Archer ring
Two-handed Weapon: Noxious longbow > Zaryte Bow > Royal Crossbow > Attuned Crystal Bow 
Main-hand Weapon: Ascension crossbow > Chaotic crossbow > Armadyl crossbow > Rune Crossbow
Shield: Elysian spirit shield  > Eagle-eye kiteshield > Armadyl buckler > Dragonfire shield (ranged)
Crossbow Ammo: Ascension bolts > Royal bolts > Diamond bolts (e) > Dragon Bolts (e) > Broad-tipped bolts
Aura:  Vampyrism > Penance > Sharpshooter [of any Tier]
III. Map of Monastery of Ascension

iv. how to enter the chambers

In order to kill the Legio's, you will need to kill the npcs around the boss rooms to obtain keys or purchace from other players
Rorarius, Gladius, and Scutarius all drop these keys.

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I really love the organization of the guide! It's very helpful and easy to follow. The map is wonderfully done and the highlights aren't messy at all. The only thing I would change is making the headers decretive, this is extremely minor but since you put so much work into it already it would look really nice! If you'd like, private message me and I could make them for you!

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you should add suggested level requirements + 95slayer and what prayer to use, but very nice guide thanks!

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