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Witt's Support Application V1

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In-Game Name: Witt (previously Awls/Nut)

Age: 21

Timezone: EST (UTC -5)

Why do you want to be Support?: Since starting in January, I've grown to love this server, but more so the community we have, and I want to help build it more, be it helping new players, returning players, or anyone who needs help with anything.

What experience do you have?: I've been playing RS since 2014, in that time I've built a fairly strong knowledge of rs3 related content, from skilling, to most bosses with the exception of group bosses and telos. In terms of Ataraxia, I've gained a fair amount of knowledge in my time here, from the basics to end-game pvm. As for staff experience, I have a little but not much, I was a moderator on a small server for 4-5 months, and an admin on that same server for around a month.

Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I see myself as an approachable person, I thoroughly enjoy helping others out, and I know how to keep my personal feelings out of the way when dealing with any situation that might come up. I'm also very active during a hard to fill time slot.

How much free time do you have?: At the moment, I've got almost all day free and I'm online for usually 10-15 hours a day

Other notes: I'm aware my forums activity is low, but I'm constantly lurking on forums and discord, but I'm always active in-game.


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+1 from me, i've always found you to be an approachable and friendly player. I would be surprised if you performed anything other than great at being a support

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Thanks for the application.

You have some qualities that I believe could make you a great member of the team.

You have been a tremendous help to the community and this shows with your POTM award.

However, I would like to see some more forums activity in the future.

That being said, I believe you would fit right into our current team.

Your application has been


Welcome to the team.



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