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In this guide I will show you all the different stores, and the items within each one. This should hopefully save you time running around looking for shops when you first start out. Search for items using CTRL + F. Let me know if I have missed any shops/items so I can add them. All stores are located at either ::home / ::market. 





Horvik's Melee Equipment

Helm of neitiznot,  Archer Helm, Berserker Helm, Farseer Helm, Iron Scimitar, Rune Scimitar, Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Dagger, Dragon Dagger p++, Rock climbing boots,
Rune boots, Amulet of strength, Amulet of glory, Ring of Recoil, Dragon Halberd, Dragon Battleaxe, Combat Bracelet, Anti-Dragon Shield


Lowe's Archery Emporium

Willow Shortbow, Maple Shortbow, Yew Shortbow, Magic Shortbow, Iron Arrow, Mithril Arrow, Rune Arrow, Dragon Arrow, Hand Cannon Shot, Ruby Bolts (e), Diamond Bolts (e), Dragon Bolts (e), Onyx Bolts (e), Iron Knife, Mithril Knife, Rune Knife, Rune Crossbow, Ava's attractor, Snakeskin Boots, Leather Body, Hard leather Body, Studded body, Studded leather coif


Magic Emporium

Water, Fire, Air, Earth,  Mind, Death, Nature, Chaos, Law, Cosmic, Blood, Soul, Astral, Saradomin cape, Guthix cape, Zamorak cape, Staff of air/water/earth/fire, Ancient staff, Master wand, Mage's book


Scavvo's Pure Equipment

Ghostly hood, Ghostly robe, Bolt rack,  Black dragonhide chaps, Zamorak's Book of Chaos


Bob's Skilling Supplies

Plant pot, Bucket, Reinforcing plate, Vial of water pack, Iron hatchet, saw, Iron pickaxe, Chisel, Hammer, Knife, Tinderbox, Pestle and mortar, Needle, Thread, Bird Snare, Small fishing net, Fishing rod, Fly fishing rod, Karambwan vessel, fishing bait, feather, Big fishing net, Harpoon, Lobster pot, Watering Can (8), Spade, Gardening Trowel, Rake, Seed Dibber


Wydin's Consumables

Monkfish, Shark, Manta Ray, Sea turtle, cooked karambwan, Super potions flask, Energy potion


General store

Bucket, Empty pot, Jug, Iron hatchet, Iron pickaxe, teleports, Dwarven rock cake, Rope


Rare Item Store

Lucky coin, Cupid's halo, pogo stick, golden cane,  Sled, Chest of Seasons, Bottoms of seasons, Gloves of seasons, Boots of seasons, Crown of seasons, Leprechaun hat, Flaming skull (green), Rainbow cape, Golden Hammer


Hazlemere's Chime Shop

Partyhat, Hallowe'en mask, Santa hat, Christmas Cracker, Chromatic partyhat, Bunny ears, Easter ring, Small/Medium/Large protean pack, Annihilation, Obliteration, Decimation, Superior Morrigan's javelin, Superior Morrigan's throwing axe, Superior Vesta's spear, Superior Vesta 's longsword, Superior Statiu's warhammer, Superior Zuriel's staff


Vote Point Exchange

Barrows Dye, Shadow Dye, Third-Age Dye, Blood Dye, Rare item tokens, Mystery Box. Black Santa Hat, Ornate Katana, Golden Katana, Suply Cache, Cleaning Cloth, Crystel Key, Imbued gear, (Perk) Treasure Goblin, (Perk) GWD Specialist, (Perk) Perslaysion, (Perk) Charge Befriender, (Perk) Herbivore, Aggression Flask (6), Silverlight, Darklight, Large rune pouch, Small rune pouch, Tortured soul, Ancient Warrior's equipment patch, Clue scroll (hard), Clue scroll (elite)


Fancy's Cosmetics

Elegant shirt, Elegant blouse, Elegant pants, Elegant skirt, Gnome scarf, Desert boots, Gloves of silence


Runespan Rewards Shop

Runecrafter hat/robe/skirt/boots


Kuradal's Slayer Gear

Enchanted Gem, Leaf-bladed spear, Earmuffs, Face mask, Mirror Shield, Nose peg, Slayer's staff, Insulated boots, Unlit bug  lantern, Rock hammer, Spiny Helmet






Wise Old Man




Uzi's Perk Shop


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