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My current suggestions.

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Hi there, I thought i'd make a thread about additions or changes to the game that I think might be interesting. Here is what I suggest:

- Introduce a summoning shop on Daemonheim where you can purchase Dungeoneering pouches & scrolls for dungeoneering tokens. Prices could vary based on the tier of familiar you want to purchase that could vary from 1k-10k per pouch or 100-1k per scroll, something along those lines I think could give summoning a lot more variety other than Steel Titans or Yaks.

- Allow the use of familiars in single way areas except in PvP areas would make the above update that much better, along with summoning used in general.

- Allow fake exp drops for those who want to lock exp, or in LMS I heard it's also a problem.

- Allow the purchase of Keepsake Keys in ::cosmetics. I'm not sure what price would be appropriate but i'd assume 50-100 coins per key might be good, a lot of time sinking to do in order to get a full set.

- Maybe buffing the accuracy of the Armadyl Bucker since right now the off-hand rune crossbow is more accurate than it.

- Allowing chaps and vambraces to have no defense requirement again might be good for pures, to be honest i'm not sure why they were ever given a defense requirement in the first place.

- Fixing Karil's pistol crossbow, currently has no stats. I suggest it to be like the Hunter's Crossbow but with 80 range accuracy and uses bolt racks, also allow it to be used with the rest of the set if you also have it's off-hand.

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