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Developer of the Month - February 2019

Who is the Developer of the Month  

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  1. 1. Who is the Developer of the Month

    • Lare96
    • Arham 4
    • _jordan
    • Xenthium

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Developer of the Month - February 2019


This Title is given to the Developer who has performed the best for the Month.

This includes: Content Updates, Community Interaction, Beta testing, 

The Developer who wins will have this icon for the Month: 

yJzmHaV.pngDeveloper of the Month

The Developer will also receive a Golden Discord title for the Month.

And obviously, $50 PayPal bonus.

Players, Staff and Myself will Vote on a Poll.


Arham's Month

- Majority of the Telos testing and modifications
- LMS Edits, adding new modes, fixing bugs & smuggles
- Multiple smuggle fixes in Dungeoneering and LMS
- Discord rich presence


Xenthium's Month

- Xenthium has been working on a few handy tools for Staff.
- Some media: 

Right click option
main menu
Assist Menu
Punish menu
Other options menu
Session info dialogue

- He also added dialogue to Kick/jail/ban/mute rather than typing the command to kick Display names/login names without worrying which.


Lare's Month

- Skilling expansion, Skilling contract system
- Various pest control changes
- Lottery changes
- Skilling teleport rework (with help from E36)
- Skilling Champion (to come)
- Skilling backpack changes

Jordan's Month

- Araxxor pet reward
- Giant Mole Pet reward
- Boss Timers
- Make soul siphoner heal 25% more instead of doing 25% more damage.
- Dungeoneering improvements


It shouldn't dictate your decision completely as interaction is definitely something you should consider.




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Voted for Ahram because he fixed some ingame bugs, atleast that is most important for me.

Xenthium did great work no doubt, But that is useful for staffs only, anyway great job, hope that will make the job easier.

Lare.. no doubt fixing skilling contracts is great, but im not into it.

Jordan thanks for fixing bosses content and dungoneering.

Thanks for the works guys.

Ps sorry for grammar I'm on phone, cba retype and edit

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Arham_4 wins Developer of the Month!

Congratulations! You're definitely a person Ataraxia values and needs to go forward.

Your motivation and consistency is incredible and I love having you around as does everyone.



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