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Staff Feedback [February]

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Staff Feedback - February


 I want you guys to rip apart my Staff team.

And having it anonymous will help towards you guys being more honest..

Don't get me wrong, don't force it, if they're doing awesome, say it.


Uzi and I will be reading the responses.

So if you're scared of us just give us really nice feedback and then rip apart the rest of the staff.


Fill it out here:


What's in it for you?:

A random 3 people who complete the feedback will receive:

- $15 Store credit
- 3 Deathtouched Darts
- 10 Mystery boxes

... Each


Kind regards,

Jaedmo & Uzi

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I think maybe adding the option for general comments would be nice. There was things I wanted to say in general that weren't directed towards a specific staff member. 

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