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Couchy's Support Application

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In-Game Name: Couchy

Age: 19

Timezone: Australia Eastern Daylight Time ( GMT+11)


Why do you want to be Support?: 

I have always appreciated the role and what it carries. I understand it is a commitment and a responsibility. Having the role is a motivator for me both in and out of the game. I have always had an immediate incentive to put other players first and assist them with anything and it also drives me to further my knowledge of the server to become a reliable source of information and trust to the player base. This is why I will always be motivated as a staff member and always have been in the past. 

A place on the staff team, puts me in a position to push change for the server. I believe that as a Support I should not only be willing to stand up and represent for the staff team, but also for the player base. I love to push new idea to benefit both the players and the server, and being in a support position gives me the opportunity to act as a mediator between the staff team and the player base, which is a big reason why I appreciate the role.


What experience do you have?

Before the reset of the server, I was an active player moderator and before that of course a support. I have been a support for this server twice, initially resigning from the role due to unfortunate real life circumstances, and the second time I was demoted from the role of a player moderator as the server reset was initiated. (however i was inactive at the time due to work commitments (this is no longer an issue). I have a deep knowledge of the game and I have been working hard to learn everything that is new since the reset. 


Why should you pick me over someone else?

My time zone usually seems to be in an effective place and I understand the commitment and responsibility of the role. I believe I am generally more active than the average player, and I am always willing to go out of my way to assist anyone who needs it. I work hard to be patient, empathetic and accountable as a player, and I can definitely transfer these skills directly into a support role.


How much free time do you have?

At the moment I am reducing my extra curricular commitments outside of the workplace, I am a musician and play occasional gigs on Friday and Saturday nights (1-2 times a month), and currently work five five-hour days a week (Monday -Friday) and I am happy to advise the exact times privately. Outside of this time frame, unless I am doing personal things (family events, gym etc...) I have the ability to get online and play. During my work hours I will have access to the forums and discord at virtually any time, so in reality I am almost 100% accessible unless I am asleep.


Other Notes:

I should note here that between the dates of the 2nd of March and the 24th of March I will not be able to get online as I am going travelling overseas for 3 weeks. I Should still be able to access discord and the forums however. 
I understand that I have no been back active on the server for a very long time, so the community may not be familiar enough with me yet for it to even be acceptable with me in the support role. I find myself building strong bonds with players already though and I have sifted quite comfortably into a community mixed with both old and new players.

I honestly would have felt more comfortable submitting this application with more time spent back in the community as just a player, but that is not to say i would not be comfortable in the role of a Support. I just feel it is likely some of the community may not be familiar enough with me yet to be comfortable with me being a staff member, I could not pass up the opportunity to apply though.

I bring this up because i seriously think this should be taken into consideration with my application.

Thank you  🙂


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As much as your application impressed me.. I can't look past a few things..

1. You don't reach the requirements.
2. You're leaving in a week for 3 weeks.

I think you'll definitely have a spot on our team eventually, but now's clearly not the time

Your application has been:


Thanks for applying, please reach the requirements before applying again.



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