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Woodcutting for the Hardcore Ironman.

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Woodcutting is an important skill because the logs you collect will be used to Fletching and Firemaking. 

I will add pictures to this guide soon and this guide is a work in progress so I will slowly be completing it over the next few days. 

I will go over the most practical method to approach Woodcutting if your intention is to eventually max your account. On a side note, I will also include other way to level for those that decide to chose that path.  

The woodcutting perk is an option if you choose to purchase it. I did not purchase the perk because I found the benefits of the perk weren't really super beneficial to me. I would invest in the fletching perk instead as that will save you SO MUCH TIME. 

It will be important that you get the Dragon Hatchet as this will help you cut logs faster in the future when you get to those higher tiered trees. To get the dragon hatchet you will either need to kill DKS or get it from the crystal key box which would be the better choice and is less risky. If you wanted to take this a step further I would suggest you crystalize the hatchet if you have access to Prif. 

If you are unable to get the Dragon or Crystal Hatchet another option is the Inferno Adze which we will talk about when we discuss Firemaking because when start firemaking you will need to do more woodcutting to collect the logs. 

If you have the ability to get the minimum donor rank and get access to the Memberzone the Dramen tree will be your best friend. The dramen tree when chopped will give you all of the logs talked about in this guide which is really helpful for being able to maximize your time. 

Woodcutting: The fastest method for Woodcutting isin't really all that practical if you plan to also do Firemaking and Fletching because you will gain little to no logs and will need to spend further time gaining the logs to complete Firemaking and Fletching which will cost you a ton of time. With the fastest method in mind this would require you to drop the logs which would not be optimal if your plan is to max. 

1-15: For levels 1-15 I would do normal logs South of Seers Village. The area has quite a few trees and there is a grouping of three that would be a great place to start. 485640806_NormalTrees.thumb.png.69cb901354d591b83eddb7ad6b2ba2c8.png

15-30: For levels 15-30 I would highly suggest Oak trees. There is a plethora of Oak trees near the bank south of Seers Village. 


30-45: for levels 30-45 I would suggest Willow trees in Draynor Village. There is a bank nearby if you wanted to bank them for use later. 


35+: On the off chance you are just doing woodcutting and have no plan to do Fletching or Firemaking Teak Trees would be a decent option. The Jungle teleport under the woodcutting section will teleport you to the enclosure where there is teak trees. If you are planning on doing teaks it would be impractical to bank them and you will most likely be power chopping these. Power chopping is where you chop and then you drop allowing you to stay in the same area and maximize your gains. I would really suggest you stray away from this unless if for some reason you are just looking to maximize your gains. 


45-60: Once you reach level 45 Maples become a good option. These logs should be banked as you will need these for when you start fletching and firemaking. 


50+: If you are looking into the future Mahogany logs may be a good choice. These logs can only be found at the Jungle teleport under woodcutting and will play a pivotal role in Construction as you will need to make your own planks and to do that you will need to have the logs. 


60-75: At level 60 you are able to chop yews. Yews can be found in the graveyard outside the church south of the bank in Seers Village. 


66+: If you are only concerned about maximizing your gains for Woodcutting Ivy becomes an option at 66 woodcutting. Keep in mind that Ivy provides no logs so this is purely just for Woodcutting XP.  The spot I would choose is in Varrock. There is a million other spots that you can choose to chop. 


75-90: Magic trees are further south than the yews in the graveyard south of Seers Village. It becomes important that you have a good hatchet once you start to chop Magics because they are slow and will take awhile to get a full inventory. Using the best hatchet you can will ensure you are collecting at the best rate possible. 


90-99: Elder trees are the best trees available in Ataraxia. It is really important you have the crystal hatchet for these as they are very slow to collect so having the best hatchet available to you will be helpful.  They are spread around 10 different location. Elder trees can be found in...


- The tree gnome stronghold, North of Falador, Near the magic trees in Lletya, North of the Legends guild, South of yanille, South of varrock, West of remington, near edgeville, North of wizards tower, and near the piscatoris hunter area. I am not sure if all of these trees work but figured I would list them here regardless. 

I had about 17k actions for 99 woodcutting. I have heard of people having less but my 17k includes a lot of woodcutting dailies so maybe that's why mine is quite a bit higher. The other individual I talked to also had the Woocdutting perk and I do not have that perk. 


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