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Kierans Support Application EU TZ

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In-Game Name: Opi

Age: 24

Timezone: GMT(ServerTime)

Why do you want to be Support?: I believe truthfully that I can help people. Inside and outside of the gaming spectrum, this I feel is a winning trait to being a successful support, I would like to continue my elongated stay here on a professional basis, to help continue our strong comeback with some of my own individual skill-sets and general quirkiness.

I would be dedicated to giving up my free time to explore ideas and brainstorming with a dynamic community such as ours on how we can engage more people in our events/advertisements furthermore enabling the less knowledgeable members of our community with the knowledge so that they may also help others; creating a brilliant environment for us all to be able to work together striving for bigger and better times!

What experience do you have?: I have previously been a Support & Forums Moderator here on Ataraxia. Also had couple of moderator and 1 administrative posts on previous servers I have played with my overall 10-12 years experience with RS/RSPS.

Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I would be thankful at the fact I have been given this opportunity to support Ataraxia again a server/community I feel a decent passion for, which too you may sound weird but over the last 2+years it has been that I've been "here" but it's like someone said "It's a home away from home" and who wouldn't want to make their home even better if they could.

How much free time do you have?: Weekdays 6-10h a day. Weekends anything up to 10-12h daily. I am currently not working, but do hope to be changing this soon, but It will not not change my time in-game that much bar a couple of hours here and there.

Other notes: Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really hope I didn't bore you that much 🙂 If the colour scheme hurts your eyes please do let me know and I can change it.

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There's no doubt about your dedication to Ataraxia..

But you've had too many chances..

Your application has been:


As much as I like having you as a Support. Every time it has been promote to resign/demote a week/2 later.

I think it's time we give new people a shot.



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