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Hey everyone, I am relatively new to this server and have a few suggestions/ bug fixs I want to share. Most of these things will not take long to code and greatly improve QOL


1) Better slayer rewards - not 100% sure on the rewards but here are a few suggestions - herb sack, gamble option for skilling/PVM resources, herb boxs, 

2)let irons duo slayer ( at least with other irons)

3)collection log like on rs3

4)let irons use sof or at least let us use spin tickets on other players so we can transfer them to our alts

5)make it so if you use an item on a bank booth it notes all of those items that are in your inventory and also when you use a noted item on a bank booth it unnotes it and fills your inv

6) make it so we can add bone crusher to  our toolbelt and use a command to access its settings

7)add the potion/food shop to mz

8 ) add summoning obelisk to mz (and home?)

9) when you are doing barrows there should be a list of all the barrows brothers you've killed so far somewhere on your screen

10) add a potion timer to your screen (can toggle on and off in settings)



1) normal and elite void say you aren't using void when you do ::void and im pretty sure they don't work

2) going from lms to dung tele blocks you

3) Lots of monsters have really low slayer xp, the only ones I can remember for certain are rock crabs and turoths but there's definitely more 

4) not really a bug, but add a description to the slayer ring in the shop so people know what it does. I went 10 hours of slayer without knowing because i thought it was just

the default slayer ring. 


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1. You are supposed to get your "rewards" from killing monsters. I would agree on that the slayer shop need better rewards but the rewards shouldn't give items. The system RS3 currently has would be perfect to this server and im pretty sure we are waiting on Kris for that.

2. You are a ironman for a reason. 

3. Sounds like a cool idea. 

4. No.

5. Sure. 

6. This should be possible with the new "Slayer interface/rewards that RS3 slayer brings".

7. Sure I guess.

8. No. That would bring it close to a bank without paying a dime there is perks for a reason.

9. It's easy to remember waste of dev time imo.

10. This has been suggested before and it's apperently tricky to get done.  Go to Combat styles, Right click the arrow/sword/staff icon and choose show buff timers will show every potion you have active in chat.


RED: No Support

Green: Support

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There's some suggestions that I like, and there's some that I don't like. I'll follow the approach @Skcam followed and will colour code my opinions, except I've added an orange one.

1) The slayer reward shop is good as it is. The purpose is of course to make money from killing the monsters itself. The herb boxes you mentioned are part of the Herbivore perk.

2) I haven't done any duo slaying myself and I'm not sure what the code limitations are regarding this. If the devs say it's easily doable, sure. If it's a hassle to get done, scrap it.

3) I don't see any purpose to this myself, it'd probably go to waste. Want to track your own collection log? make printscreens and/or keep an Excel sheet.

4) I'd like to see the SOF added for Ironmen. the ONLY argument people can come up with against this is the fact that one could get lucky spirit shields, or 100 mil cash stacks from the super rare slot. Well... why can't we just remove those from the Ironman SOF table?

5) I was actually slightly surprised that this isn't yet in the game yet. Support!

6) The bonecrusher (and ectoplasmator, lets not forget about that one) became toolbelt items in a later revision than the one we are currently using, I think. Once again, if this is not too much of a hassle to code, my full support!

7) Yep, sure. Shouldn't be an issue.

8} To home? nope. To the donator zones? Donation zones.. If there's a demand for it. Most people don't use / need a bank when they're training summoning, as it's materials to pouches to scrolls anyway. Except for yak and titan.

9) Oof, time to get a Nintendo DS and the brain trainer game? It's a handful of brothers to kill.

10) I'm joining Skcam's comment on this one. If it's doable, support. if it's not doable, scrap it.

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