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Developer of the Month - January 2019

Who is the Developer of the Month?  

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  1. 1. Who is the Developer of the Month?

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Developer of the Month - January 2019


This Title is given to the Developer who has performed the best for the Month.

This includes: Content Updates, Community Interaction, Beta testing, 

These threads will be posted before the end of the Month.

The Developer who wins will have this icon for the Month: 

yJzmHaV.pngDeveloper of the Month

The Developer will also receive a Golden Discord title for the Month.

And obviously, $50 PayPal bonus.

Players, Staff and Myself will Vote on a Poll.

The winner of the Poll by the tick over of the Month will be awarded with Developer of the month.

Tomorrow, I will be editing this thread with content that each Developer has done this Month.

It shouldn't dictate your decision completely as interaction is definitely something you should consider.




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Arham's Work for the Month:

- Nex: Angel of Death. Beta tested, edited & released
- Events Server-sided code
- ;;checkcreation command
- Clue scroll fixes
- ;;donationsxfer for Mods
- Some small changes & Most of all the organisation of Beta testing & Updates going live while I was away


Lare's Work for the Month:

- Lottery system
- Antipoison ++
- The Skipper perk
- Drop catcher perk
- Fixed an easy dupe anyone could do (was contained dw)
- AFK Kick warnings
- Ectoplasmator
- Barrows Amulets
- Lootshare
- Pest Control expansion & the perk: The Exterminator


Jordan's Work for the Month:

- Stackable exp bonuses on Vote Books
- Perk descriptions on ;;perks
- Activity timers
- Dominion Tower rework & the perk: Dominion Domination
- Dreadnips


Xenthium's Work for the Month:

- Rise of the Six run counter
- PZ instance adjustments
- Fixed a bunch of items not degrading properly
- Fixed Superior morrigan's items



Vote in the Poll above!!

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The Developer of the Month is clearly without question: @lare96

Congratulations, well deserved.

We couldn't have survived over the past few weeks with myself and Arham gone without you and Jordan.

You really stepped up and proved that you're an extremely good asset to have on our team.

Can't wait to see what the future holds for Development on Ataraxia with you on the team.



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