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Snowie's Application

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In-Game Name:





CET/Central European Time

Why do you want to be Support?:

Seeing as Ataraxia has recently had an influx of both new players joining, and older players returning, I want to be able to help out on a bigger scale then I already am.

What experience do you have?:

I've been a member of Ataraxia for a while now, so I know close to everything there is to know about the server.

As for experience when it comes to being a staff member, I have a good amount. I have been Support/Helper on countless servers.

I've had a few Moderator roles aswell in my past. One of them were on a server with over 100 concurrent players at any time.

I have also been Support here on Ataraxia in the past, it didn't last for more than a short month, and ended abruptly, but I would like another chance at proving myself.

Why should we pick you instead of someone else?:

I'm approachable, and kind, I'm also fair and unbiased when it comes to any situation that may occur.

I'm one of the most active players, and I often find that there are no staff members online when I am. 

Also like I said earlier, I know most ins and outs of the server.

How much free time do you have?:

I have a lot of free time as I'm unemployed as of today.

Seeing as I already have over 600 hours playtime since mid October, I think that proves it.

Other notes:

Best of luck to the other applicants.

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Congratulations, your application has been:


Uzi and I have been waiting for you to apply for a very long time.

You're an extremely active and valued member of the Ataraxia Community. Glad you applied.

Hope you do well.


Jaedmo & Uzi

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