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Bosh's Support Application

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In-Game Name: Bosh.

Age: 20.

Timezone: UTC−04:00 Venezuela.

Why do you want to be Support?: I want to help out all players, also stop being the clown of the server haha, I need to be more serious,

What experience do you have?: I never have been Support on any server but I always liked to help out players everytime I could because in my opinion, it really feels good ask anything no mather where we are, in a game, forums even in real life, and someone replies to you, makes you feel very conformable, just like in home.


Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I never liked to say I'm better than anyone else, but I always try to do my best, also I think we need more active Server Supports, I mean I'm very active and I might be more if I become Server Support. 

How much free time do you have?: I can play like 5 hours per day or so, could be more or less, depending if I'm busy in real life or not, but if I'm not busy I play mostly on Ataraxia.

Other notes: My english isn't very good, I've never studied it at all, only school but I already knew what they taught, so I might make a lot of grammar errors, but I do my best I promise.

I was in jail for like 20 minutes or so because a mistake I did, also I used to get kicked from Friends chat because I was talking in spanish xD.


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trash kid stay away from rune dragons best of luck man 

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In order to stop being the clown on the server and get Support..

You gotta stop being a clown, then maybe we'll see what happens.

Your application has been:


Not looking for someone to change after Support..

You have potential... Just stop being Krusty the Clown..




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