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Ataraxia Updates #15 - 13th January 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #15

- Off-hand T90 Imbued weapons
- Ectoplasmator
- New Perks in Store
- Barrows Amulets
- Aggression Potions added everywhere!!

[+] General Changes

- All seismic wands now degrade properly
- Razorback gauntlets now degrade properly
- Decimation now degrades properly
- Hardmode Twin furies will now drop 1-3 seals
- Hardmode Greg now drops 1-3 seals
- Hybrid game mode is now Staff of Light instead of Chaotic Staff, hopefully this leads to some more interesting games
- ;;checkcreation command, allows you to check when you created your account
- Scattering ashes now counts for total bones buried
- You can now check Superior PvP Armour's charges
- King of the Skill accounts can no longer use Last man standing
- You can now use Karil's pistol/off-hand pistol to make a Corrupted repriser
- Decimation has got a new Special attack, use your Special for a whirlwind of arrows thrown at your opponent for devastating damage 
- Supply cache will now give 2 Aggression potions
- Voting has been buffed, you now have a much higher chance of receiving the Deathtouched dart & Spins, as well as a 40% chance to get a Mystery box instead of 30%
- Your Fight Kiln/Fight caves runs are now timed, this will hopefully be an Achievement feature to beat x-times when this is added to more Bosses
- Books of Knowledge will now give a warning when stacking Bonus EXP time
- You can no longer pick up items while Teleporting
- EXP Boost will now show the expiry based on Time rather than Minutes
- Bob barter and Druid have been added to the Platinum & Diamond zones
- Aggression potion rewards from LMS increased substantially
- Ring of Death, Amulet of Souls, Deathtouch Bracelet & Reaper necklace are now tradeable
- Drop catcher now has description on ;;perks
- Rax arrow drop amount has been increased from Corpse Spiders
- Aggression potions added to Vote/chime shop
- Blade of Nymora rebuffed, the nerf was too substantial and it has been edited to somewhere in between
- Drop Catcher and the Skipper will now both be on the Store and properly functional
- Removed Santa Hats from Mystery boxes
- Ended the chance of a Big Christmas Present from high level PVM
- Added Aggression potions to Mystery boxes
- Slayer experience has been increased for creatures on task that have higher Hitpoints, hopefully this substitutes for Boss tasks
- Added Hydrix bolt tips to Araxxi's drop table
- Removed majority of the troll drops from NPCs, they were pointless, some were adjusted as they are still useful
- Added Range strength to Reaper hood so it can compete with Sirenic mask
- Khopesh of the Kharidian is now Tradeable
- Added Seren stones to Diamond Zone
- Added Morchella mushrooms to Slayer drop tables for Ironmen
- Boosted Polypore dungeon stock
- You can now chime Essences from GWD2
- Anima core pieces are now all the same prices when chiming
- Morrigans weapons now sell for more chime
- You can buy Proselyte and Initiate from Sir Tiffy Cashien at fally park
- You are now warned when you're Away-From-Keyboard and going to be kicked for inactivity
- Ectoplasmator full functionality
- Barrows amulets added to skip barrows brothers
- You can now only have 1 clue scroll at a time
- Unholy Symbol and Iron boots added to unlimited stock in Grand exchange for Clues

[+] Ectoplasmator

- Ectoplasmator functions similarly to a Bonecrusher but it's for Ashes!

[+] Voting Shop Rework

- The Vote shop hadn't been edited in too long! It's been revamped and hopefully encourages you all to Vote more!

[+] Off-hand T90 Imbued Weapons

- You can now buy the "Imbued Gear" from Hazelmere or Party pete and attach it to Off-hand T90 weaponry
- This will make that piece (Imbued) boosting it's power level

[+] Bug Fixes

- 3rd Age Noxious Longbow no longer degrades to dust
- All issues relating to leveling have been fixed, please notify us should you find anything
- Aggression Potions now properly double with the Herbivore perk
- Shift dropping an item twice will no longer destroy it
- Decimation no longer turns into the noted version when degrading with perk
- Morrigans Superior Jav/axe fixed



Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele

- Ask the developers questions here

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very good updates as usual was a pleasure testing them 🙂

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Sweet looking additions and fixes!

Especially the removal of santa hats from Mboxes, I'll cherish mine a lot more now! lolol

Edited by Vincent

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A very nice variety of changes here! Thanks! Appreciate the time everyone has put into these!! 

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Although I don't know much of what this is, good job. 
Glad to see the ball is certainly.. rolling. 

Edited by I Play Heaps

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Great update. Love the ecto and the imbued gear. Such great additions to the server, and I've heard such good things about the next upcoming update for sometime next week guys. Keep up the good work, dev team! 


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Scrumptious looking updates and fixes around here 🙂 definitely looking forward to some more mboxes from voting lol

Very good work developer team, keep up the great ass work! 

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