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arham 4

Ataraxia Updates #13 - 31st December 2018

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Ataraxia Updates #13

- Nex: Angel of Death
- Lottery System
- Events System
- New Rare Item Shop!

[+] General Changes

- A new perk has been added: Arcane Alchemist.
- Voting has been buffed; You now have a 5% chance of getting an extra 10 spins per vote & 2% chance to get Deathtouched dart!
- Magic weapons have now been buffed.
- New ;;calendar command to view the Ataraxia forums calendar.
- Added Superior Zuriel's Staff & Christmas Scythe bonuses
- Overloads now have notifications before they're about to run out
- Feather of Ma'at can now be bought from the Grand Exchange at an unlimited amount.
- Added the ability to open individual banks by commands.
- Added an increase in rate to the familiar special bar for players that own the Familiar expert perk.
- The Last Man Standing Lobby now starts at 2minutes, but then becomes 30 second intervals.
- Sophanem slayer dungeon NPC Slayer EXP has now been nerfed.
- More fire giants have been added to their appropriate location.
- Tertiary drops have now been added to the drop table.
- Kalphite King has now been buffed.
- Nex has now been buffed.
- Some of Araxxor's drops have been nerfed.
- Sophanem Slayer Dungeon NPCs have had their drop table updated.
- Tectonic bottoms now degrade.
- Holy Overload now lasts for 12 minutes instead of 10 minutes with the Herbivore perk.
- You can now no longer bank inside of RuneSpan.
- The Christmas event is now closed. 😞 

- Superior items are now tradeable.

[+] Nex: Angel of Death
After much anticipation, Nex: Angel of Death has now been added to the game! We suggest reading up on her mechanics beforehand over here. Perhaps you can write a guide of your own on the Ataraxia forums?


[+] Lottery System
Let the game of luck commence! Every 45 minutes, a lottery will be drawn that will select one lucky player to win the entire jackpot. Talk to the Gambler at home to contribute and play a game of chance!


[+] Events System
Check out Uzi's post for events coming this January!

Do the ;;events command in game to see a list of events and ;;calendar to see the events in accordance to your time zone!

[+] New Rare Item Shop!
New year? New Diango! Head home and talk to Diango to redeem those Rare item tokens!Va6NEG.png

[+] Bug Fixes

- The bug where Morrigan's Javelin and Morrigan's Thrown Axe depleting when thrown has been fixed.
- Users not being able to redeem donor boxes is now fixed.
- The issue where people with $500 donated couldn't claim the ;;dz outfit is now fixed.
- Nex going out of arena sometimes inside instances is now fixed.
- Fixed cyclops animations.
- Fixed duo slayer tasks not working on grouped Slayer NPCs.
- Fixed the slayer helmet not working on grouped Slayer NPCs.
- Fixed issue with Silverhawk boots losing all charges when equipping via Equipment tab. This should probably fix a plethora of other issues with charges on items.
- Fixed the issue where multiple gold bars were used to make gold bracelets.
- Fixed issues with vials being used on flasks.
- The skill level icon upon levelling up should now show your new level, not the old one.
- The issue where making Overload potions at a Portable well would not use the passive effect of saving a potion has now been fixed.

These patch notes were... a pain; probably because I had to rewrite them twice. All in all, happy new years from the Ataraxia team! Let's make 2019 great!

Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96 & Noele

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great update my dude was a pleasure testing out aod cannot wait for more.

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Nicely organized for a second time round write-up! Thanks to all those dedicating their time towards helping get these updates tested and uploaded to the live server you da mvp

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Ooo some more very nice content coming out there 😄 Telo's next 😛 Good job to the dev team can't wait to try out AOD

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