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Christmas Eve Event - Snowball Fight/Boss Mass

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As my first official staff (hue) event, I want to try to utilize the new Christmas event for something a bit more interesting.... 🎄



Welcome to our Ataraxia Winter Wonderland! Here you can participate in a snowball war, and be on team Saradomin or team Zamorak! I will plan to host a few snowball fights at around 4pm EST standard time on December 24th, 2018.

The winning team will have one random person picked to win 25m cash per round.  We will do a total of 3 rounds, and I will oversee the snowball fight alongside another support/mod or two, to determine the players on the winning team. Before the event starts, we will have you state which team you are placed on, blue or red, to verify winning players.

If you are interested, simply be in game 15 minutes before the start time and be ready at 4pm sharp!


Christmas Eve Boss Mass


After the snowball fight, we plan on doing a few boss masses for about 30 minutes each!

Corporeal Beast




GWD 2 (probably Greg/Furies)


Bonus: Anyone who gets a Christmas Present drop, will also get a choice of a goodie bag 1-15, with items anywhere from 2m-200m!


🎉Hope to see you guys on Christmas Eve, and Happy Holidays! 🎉

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