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Ataraxia Updates #12 - 21st December 2018

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Ataraxia Updates #12

- New Perks
- Sophanem Slayer Dungeon
- Donor Zone through Voting
- LMS Hybrid Game Mode
- Christmas Event!!!


[+] Store Sale Rotation

- All of the new perks are 10% off! Get them while they're cheaper! This includes: The Boxer, Aubury's Apprentice, Soul Siphoner & Favoured Familiars.

[+] General Changes

- Araxxor will now do more damage in general
- Off-hand Shadow glaive, Off-hand Armadyl cbow & Dormant anima core are now sellable to Chime store
- Creating an off-hand ascension crossbow counts for the achievement
- Perfect ring will now notify you when doubling a drop in GWD2
- Robust glass machine is now instant
- Typing ;;charges tells you the exact number of charges left on your Weapon
- Green, Blue Dragons & Legione Bosses have been added to the PZ instances
- You can now Sell-x to shops
- You can now reset your Divine location daily limit with 15 Vis wax (once per day)
- Reduced the amount of Armour patches gained in LMS. From 2 to 1 and only on the Rare table
- Aggression pots have been added to the Squeal of Fortune
- Players who vote 10 times in their first 48 hours of account creation will receive temporary accessibility to the Donator Zone, this expires after 7 days
- You can view your current familiar details by using the hotkeys ctrl-f
- Santa Hats of all kinds have been added to Mystery Boxes
- You can now Spam click the bottom right herb in your invent to quickly clean them all
- Ring nests have been removed from Woodcutting.. Who needs em.
- You're now warned before Teleporting to Chaos Elemental
- Hybrid (mage and melee) Game mode added to LMS, Range and Mage modes removed
- You can now get Dwarf weed seeds from the Master Farmer
- There is now an NPC at the Member's Zone that'll automatically fill your Clean herbs into your Vials of water for a cost of 10k/pot



[+] Christmas Event

- The same as the 2016 Christmas even with a few twists! Enjoy the same Riddles & Snowman slays without the Boss.
- Talk to Santa at the event to join a SNOWBALL FIGHT
- Winning team has the chance to win more Snow Energy, all types of Santa hats and more!
- Losing team gets commiseration energy.


- Kill bosses all around the game for the chance at a BIG CHRISTMAS PRESENT.. Then you're faced with this choice..


- A wand.. Cane.. Pet.. Or maybe the Christmas Dyed Noxious Scythe.. You decide. Merry Christmas!

[+] Diamond Donator Zone

- Robust Glass & Crystal Glass mining containers have been added
- Stationary Portables have been added with a convenient banker
- Dramen Tree and Blurite Rock added to Dz
- Dream Tree & Protean bar rocks have been slightly nerfed
- You can now talk to the Wise old man and pick out your new outfit, which grants an extra 15% experience when equipped
- Added new Resource chest which functions similarly to the Potion Table however, gives Supreme overload salve effects



[+] New Perks

- $10, Aubury's Apprentice: 50% chance to save runes per spell cast
- $10, Favored Familiars: No longer need Summoning scrolls to cast Familiar special attacks
- $20, The Boxer: Grants you two different rewards per Mystery Box instead of just one
- $15, Soul Siphoner: Makes Soulsplit 25% more effective in healing
- Will be more perks in the future. Such as the Stargazer & The Skipper. Few issues with these two that are being ironed out.


[+] Sophanem Slayer Dungeon

- Sophanem Slayer Dungeon has been added! This is the Slayer dungeon that was brought with the Menaphos (shortly after) update on Rs3. Fight Corrupted creatures and Akhs for awesome loot. 
- They drop an assortment of items that you can store in the Chest or pick them up manually, your choice.
- Something special about these creatures is that some of them require Slayer levels higher than 99! 
- For more information, you can find it all here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Sophanem_Slayer_Dungeon
- Collect Keys to the crossing for the upcoming THE MAGISTER Boss
- Obviously we have no Virtual levels, so the level is done by Experience. Google: Runescape XP table to find the experience you need per level.. I could post it here but.. Effort.
- Get to the dungeon through Training teleport - Slayer locations


[+] Bug Fixes

- Nex will no longer stop attacking after "NO ESCAPE!"
- Spiritual mages now have the proper slayer requirement attached to attacking them
- Fixed Zilyana & Primus safespot
- Golden Karil's cbow will now properly have the Karil's effect in combat
- Stopped shops losing stock even if players can't buy the item they're trying to
- Pets will no longer disappear if dismissed with a full invent
- Fixed Superior Morrigan's Throwing axe & Javelins trying to make 50 axes/javs. Now properly only makes 1 (Superior javs/Axes still aren't fixed, apologies)
- Fixed RFD minigame having a portal to GWD2 - Vindicta
- Teleporting to Member's Zone through quest tab will no longer teleport you to the old mz
- Skillchompas will no longer not run out on Blurite ore
- Overloads will now expire when entering LMS
- Fixed Dagannoth issue..
- Diamond Zone stall will now properly stop you Thieving past a full Invent


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Loure (lol.)



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Brilliant update lads, Keep up the good work. More than happy with Christmas Event when though I've completed it already 😄

"You can now Spam click the bottom right herb in your invent to quickly clean them all" - No more clicking every herb, thank you 😛


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Thanking all those who put their time into making this patch. Awesome additions!

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