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E36's Support Application

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In-Game Name: E36

Age: 25 

Timezone: -08:00 Pacific

Why do you want to be Support?: Since I started playing Ataraxia back in the beginning of 2017 I have continually enjoyed helping new players. I believe a strong staff team on a server is very crucial, especially when it comes to retaining a player's interest.

What experience do you have?: I have been a staff support on Ataraxia in the past (before reset) and have owned/managed 3 servers of my own. I resigned as support from Ataraxia due to lack of time after my daughter was born. For work I'm a security supervisor. On a daily basis I respond to calls and resolve conflicts that are usually between two or more parties. I know how to work together as team to swiftly resolve any conflicts that arise. My overall experience has given me what it takes to be an effective staff member on this server.

Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I am trustworthy, fair, reliable and experienced. As support I would always act in a proper manner and treat all players equally. I would always approach conflicts between players with an unbiased opinion while remaining calm and collective. I will always go above and beyond to help players. I want to see the server thrive, and as a support I know I can bring a positive impact to Ataraxia. 

How much free time do you have?: I play approx. 8 hours a day, sometimes more. I am able to play at work, and at home, so my availability is pretty open. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my application!

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Thanks for the application.

Your qualities and dedication to the server is just what we need.

I am hopeful that you will be a great addition to the team.

Consistency is key.

Your application has been


Welcome to the team!


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