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Bolin's Support Application

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Bolin's Support Application



In-Game Name: Bolinbear (Bolin)
Age: 27
Timezone: EST (GMT -5)

Why do you want to be Support?: As a support, I would have more capabilities to help people and cover the gaps when we do not have staff on. It would allow people to specifically ask me questions and have a go to if they need help. Besides my time and money, I also want to be helpful with my knowledge and experience.

What experience do you have?: Besides being a previous support on Ataraxia in the past, I feel my time, activity, and previous moderating experience on previous servers allows me to borrow from that and serve in this capacity well. I also serve in a real life mentor capacity at work as an assistant supervisor, and have experience with dealing with frustrated people who may not like what I have to say.

Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I feel like I am the most qualified candidate. I do realize I've applied twice previously, and since then I've been more active in chat, discord, and the forums, as well as actively talking to players and staff to improve the player experience. I know sometimes I come across as rude to a few people, but I'm also brutally honest, and I want to foster positivity and encourage questions. Since my previous application, I've also spent more time improving my knowledge of RS3 content, and trying my best to make things better for everyone.

How much free time do you have?: I usually can spend at least 3-4 hours a day on the server, I'm more free on Sundays and Mondays when I'm not at work.

Other notes: Everything aside, if I don't get picked this go around, I want to make sure that I still support the server through beta testing and with my time. You guys work hard to make the server what it is and have grown so much! I'm super happy to be offered a chance to be a part of it.



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Thanks for the application.

Your involvement with the server has not gone unnoticed.

I am hopeful that you will be a great addition to the team.

Activity and consistency is key. Keep up the good work.

Your application has been


Welcome to the team!


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