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support application byChris V2

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In-Game Name:  Chris
Timezone:CET (Central European Time)
UTC/GMT +1 hour

Why do you want to be Support?:

I want to be support because i love to help new players, the community and everything about the server. i can be unprofessional sometimes but usually i ame very kind and concentrated about the game and helping other players.
What experience do you have?:

I have some experiance of being a support, because i have been an support on an rsps already. It had around 50-60 people and it was really fun. I have learned how to be a staff member.
Why should we pick you instead of someone else?:

Have played this server for some time already and got a lot of information about this server. I have played a lot of rs3 and did a lot of endgame content. I ame online every day and have some experiance on this server. This is not my first 718 rsps.
How much free time do you have?:

I have a lot of free time. Im usually online for about 4-5 hours a day while being home. I ame at university from monday-friday and i can play ataraxia even in uni. O n weekends i ame online 10 hrs or even more.
Other notes:

I have played runescape for a long time and im sure i can be a good assistence to the staff team. Thank you for reading this post and have a great day :).





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Goodluck bro 😛 I like the way you commented on every guide on the forums to gain your 25 posts and then applied 😮

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Thanks for your application.

Although I believe you could potentially help us in the future, we are fully staffed at the moment.

Keep doing your thing and stay consistent.

Your application has been




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