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okay to start off with so far this server is great and the current content out is great but there are a few things I would like to suggest.
first things first I have done over 160 hours in game and not found a decent gp making method besides barrows yes you get a set that's about 9 to 14m good money but what about the higher drops. for example nex kk corp I Suggest a npc that you can trade your high tier items to destroy them and get a bit of gp out of it rates on this i'd have no idea what would be a sensible amount of gp per items I was thinking maybe 3/4 of ge price if they ge prices get fixed first wether people like this idea or not is up to you just something that I think would bring more gp for players and make buying items off other players a lot better because not a lot of players want to sell for items. 

second this is a small suggestion pretty simple to implement I'd say seeing as its just a simple crtl+B for any players with the ::bank command.

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