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Weekly Giveaway Info + 3rd Giveaway!

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Hello all,

In an effort to promote some more forum activity we are going to start having some weekly giveaways!

What does this mean?

Every Monday we are going to have a giveaway via forums.

Some will be announced and some will be unannounced!

It will be your job to check in periodically to find out about them!

The giveaways will start on Monday and the winner or winners will be chosen on the following Monday.


Giveaway #3: 12/3/2018


1: Post your in-game name below. That's it, it's that easy!

Prize: $10 store credit

The amount of winners will depend on the amount of entries. Every 10 entries there will be a winner chosen.

So, 0-10 entries = 1 winner, 11-20 entries = 2 winners, etc.

Best of luck,


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IGN: Opi

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