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Ataraxia Updates #10 - 26th November, 2018

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Ataraxia Updates #10

- Off-hand Weaponry
- Key-binds, Click Dropping
- LMS Updates
- Widow's Wail
- Huge Slayer Changes!!!


[+] Store Sale Rotation

- There is no sale this week! Hope you all enjoyed the Black Friday sales, they end in an hour!


[+] General Changes

- Frost Dragons, Adamant Dragons, Ganodermic Runts, Hellhounds, Rorarius & Greater Demons in the Platinum Zone instances
- Healing NPC now cures poison
- Damage is now nulled on teleports (you won't take damage after teleporting)
- Home teleport is now usable in Dungeoneering while in combat
- Pawyas and Grenwalls have been separated and more Grenwalls have been added, Grenwalls now give more Spikes
- You can now teleport out of the QBD Treasure room
- Dramen Tree now works for Woodcutting daily tasks
- Shears have been added to Bob for Ironmen
- Bobbleheads are no longer random drops from Rise of the Six, you can use a full Barrows Set of the Bobblehead you would like on 250 Malevolent energy to create the Bobblehead.
- Anvil added to Plat Zone
- Ring of Wealth (c) now also has the effect of a Slayer Ring (double points on task completion)
- Portables now cost less from the Platinum Shop
- Vial packs are now functional

[+] Key-binds

- ctrl + m (opens world map)
- ctrl + s (switches sheathe)
- ctrl + h (home teleport)
- ctrl + n (opens lodestones)
- ctrl + q (quick prayers)
- ctrl + r (switches run)
- ctrl + shift (switches inventory drop mode)
- ctrl + 0-9 (does the skilling options when applicable)
- ctrl + space (does the far left skilling option when applicable) (so if theres only 1 item to make it makes that item)

[+] Off-hand Weaponry

- ALL offhands have been added and Stats updated.
- These Off-hands act as defenders and give bonuses slightly worse than their Defender counterpart.
- Scimitars give slash, Swords give stab, Longswords give slash, Rapiers give stab, Maces give crush, Ranged weapons give Ranged Bonus & Magic weapons are all already released.
- You can find all of the off-hands up to dragon in the Grand Exchange with Unlimited stock.
- You can create Off-hand Ascension Crossbow the same way as regular Ascension crossbow
- You can get Off-hand Drygores from Kalphite King
- You can create Off-hand Attuned weaponry/Crystal weaponry from the Singing Bowl
- You can buy Off-hand Chaotics for 100k Dung tokens from the Dung shop
- You guys voted on it, you got it. Enjoy the Fashionscape, all off-hand t90s are Dye-able, if there're any issues hit me up, shouldn't be as it took my fucking hours.


[+] Slayer Update

- Dagannoths, Crystal Shapeshifters, Nihils, Muspah, Fungal Mage, Aquanite, Jadinkos, Mature Grotworm & Aviansie tasks have been added
- You can now do: Dagannoth Kings for Dagannoths, Armadyl Godwars for Aviansies, Zamorak Godwars for Greater Demons, Ganodermic Beast or Runt for Ganodermic Creatures, Automaton Tracer, Guardian or Generator for Automatons and Rorarius, Scutarius, Gladius or Capsarius for Ascension Members.
- Slayer Experience rates formula has been changed, it reflects more off of the hitpoints of the monster you're facing. 
- Overall, you'll notice a huge increase in the experience rates of new monsters like: Nihils, Muspahs, Rune/Addy dragons, Ripper demons, Camel Warriors, Automatons, Kal'gerion Demons, Gemstone Dragons.. And existing ones like: Glacors, Airuts, Strykewyrms, Celestial Dragons.
- Hopefully now it's worth the grind to do other tasks other than Abby demons/Dark beasts. The newer creatures give heaps of experience.


[+] Boss Changes

- In attempt to buff Magic, the following NPCs have greatly reduced Magic Defense bonuses:
- Helwyr, Vindicta, Melee/mage form Kalphite King
- Legiones have been buffed, they should now hit you harder even with Magic prayer on.


[+] Last Man Standing Changes

- Players now receive souls depending on the amount of Kills they get regardless of if they win
- Minimum players to start is now 4 instead of 6
- T90 will no longer give a note Malevolent cuirass
- Smuggles have been fixed, with little exposure
- There are now Single combat game modes
- Heaps of glitches with dying and teleporting


[+] Item Bonuses Changes

- Void Melee has been nerfed to make Malevolent/Torva better. It shouldn't out damage these two armour sets. Now, it shouldn't.
- Completionist Cape has been buffed to be better than Enhanced Firecape



[+] Widow's Wail

- A new Rapier for the Legendary & Ironmen game modes. When creating an account you'll receive this Weapon.
- It's extremely fast hitting and has similar/slightly boosted bonuses of a Mithril/Adamant Scimitar.
- This is to get through those early levels and also reward the players who choose a harder mode in the earlier levels, as well as having a pretty cool weapon.
- If you're Legendary/Ironman and want this Weapon, contact an Admin+

---Available in the next hotfix eta 12 hours---



[+] Drop Changes

- Spider Leg rate has been increased
- Off-hand drygores now drop from Kalphite king at the same rate as regular Drygores
- Off-hand Armadyl cbow drops from Saradomin
- Off-hand Demon slayer crossbow drops from Kal'gerion demons



[+] Bug Fixes

- ;;bank in Construction works again
- Boulders blocking bridges in Rots should hopefully be fixed
- Selling items to the Chime shop with a full inventory will no longer delete the Chimes
- Chinchompa throw speed has been fixed
- Multiple fixes for Light path Araxxor, if you run into issues, Let Jordan know with video proof please.
- Blade of Nymora should properly work as a Stab/Slash weapon now
- All Dyed t90s are now repairable as they should be
- Nex and Nex Instances should now be functional, we're sorry for the bugs that were involved with them last patch. Should be perfectly running now, regardless, let Jordan know with any issues should any arise.



Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Xenthium



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Fantastic update and some very good additions to the server well done to the development team you're doing great 🙂

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Reading this is making me moist, happy to see some of my suggestions make it into the game aswell. 


Thanks to the developers & staff team for making Ataraxia the best it can be.

Edited by Dreas Snow
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Thank you to all those who put time into these updates.

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Some very nice additions. Very glad to see that my thread on QoL was almost entirely implemented and within such a short time too. It's great to see when developers take feedback and actually go out of their way to adress it. Thanks for all the hard work and shoutout to Arham for doing all the QoL changes and making a post with the progress. Big thumbs up.


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Thanks to the team and especially the community for providing feedback on things to give us a better insight as to what needs adjusted in the server!

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