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Slayer Guide

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I'm Just gonna get right into it, I will be listing a guide of whats in each and every dungeon that the Quick teleport has to offer how to get your tasks and so on.  I will not be inputting anything about duo slayer since i have not done duo so iv'e no clue as to how it works. If you'd like to put in the info, PM me in game or on discord on how it works and i will add it here.  This guide will be incomplete since i do not have the proper slayer to complete it, i will complete it when i do!

Ctrl + F to find what slayer task you're looking for

Where to find Kuradal and get your tasks:



Kuradal is at the west side of ::home right beside the bank stands, you can start getting your tasks there


You can also find Kuradal at ::market if you're into that, Between the Christmas tree and the grand exchange teller south of the market



Now i will be showing you what are in dungeons listed under slayer locations, but first how to access slayer locations:


Next is how to access Slayer Locations:

After you click on training a list of options will pop up on your chat bar, Follow these next two pictures to find Slayer locations!



Voila! after these two simple steps you'll have access to the slayer locations just like whats below!






So now what i will be showing you is a list of what is in each destination starting from Kuradals dungeon going down the list.


What to expect to see below:

List of monsters (with pictures soon) and level in said dungeon

I will be adding pictures of the map that i got off of rswiki and place them here if they have it on said dungeon.

Also pictures of what dungeon i'm currently doing so you wont get lost 😄

Almost all my information is from rswiki, if there is any Pm me or leave it in the comments!

I will be adding monsters that are not in said dungeons, but i will not be adding pictures for it, just their levels and they will be at the bottom of the page.

I will not be adding Guthix Cave until i have done it myself.



Kuradal's Dungeon:





Hellhounds - Level 84


Greater Demons - Level 82


Blue Dragons - Level 74


Gargoyles - Level 93


Abyssal Demons - Le vel 98


Dark Beasts - Level 105


Airuts - Level 122



And that is everything you'll find in Kuradals Dungeon! off to the next


Jadinkos Lair:




Cant access Jadinko yet so i'm not capable of inputting the levels of what is inside.




Polypore Dungeon:

I will not be naming whats in each level, but what to expect to find in the entirety of the dungeon







Fungal Rodent - Level 26

Fungal Mage - Level 81

Grifolaroo - Level 107

Infested Axe - Level 105

Grifolapine  - Level 103

Ganodermic Runt - Level 112

Ganodermic Beast - Level 112




Slayer Tower:




Infernal Mages - Level 72

Blood Velds - Level 61 & 68

Aberrant Spectres - Level 72

Bats - Level 14

Banshees - Level 37

Crawling hands - Level 11 & 18

Gargoyle - Level 93

Nechryael - Level 96

Abyssal Demons - Level 98


Off to the next page folks!





Ancient Caverns:




Mithril Dragon - Level 112

Brutal green Dragons - Level 105

Waterfiends  - Level 107

Angry Barbarian - Level 106

Berserk Barbarian - Level 106

Enraged Barbarian - Level 106

Lost Barbarian - Level 84

Confused Barbarian - Level 84

Skeleton thug - Level 85

Skeleton warlord - Level 91

Skeleton Brute - Level 88




Brimhaven Dungeon:




Moss Giants - Level 51

Baby Red Dragon - Level 47

Wild Dogs - Level 35

Fire Giants - Level 85

Greater Demons - 82 

Bronze Dragons - Level 86

Red Dragons - Level 84 

Black Demons - Level 98

Iron Dragons - Level 98 

Steel Dragons - Level 100

Adamant Dragons - Level 116

Mithril Dragons ( Resource Dung) - Level 112




Fremennik Dungeon:




Cave Crawler - Level 53 & 72

Rockslug - Level 49

Cockatrice - Level 44

Pyrefiend - Level 61

Basilisk - Level 77 

Jelly - Level 68

Turoth - Level 64, 66, 68 & 69

Kurask - Level 78

Aquanite - Level 95




Taverly Dungeon:





Giant Bat - Level 44

Poison Spider - Level 93

Poison Scorpion - Level 49

Chaos Druid - Level 32

Monk of Zamorak - Level 54

Black Knight - Level 30

Lesser Demon - Level 70

Black Demon - Level 98

Hellhounds - Level 92

Baby Blue Dragon - Level 44

Blue Dragon - Level 74

Black Dragon - Level 100

Chaos Dwarf - Level 45 & 47

Skeletons - Level 15 & 32

Hill Giant - Level 44

Jailer - Level 39

Magic Axe - Level 74

Suit of Armor - Level 19

Ghost - Level 25



As most of these monsters on the next few pages are not in a dungeon or cave i will list them here anyways with their levels once i have reached the slayer level requirement.


If anything is inaccurate, Levels, Names, Missing monsters, Anything like that, let me know in the comments as to what and or where it is and i will fix and add it.

That's all folks!





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Good basis for a detailed guide. Hopefully it gets fully complete soon.

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Very nice and much useful when trying to quickly find slayer monsters. Thanks 🙂

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