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Staff Updates #3 - 2nd November 2018

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Staff Updates 2nd November 2018


@Node has rejoined us to temporarily/permanently Develop for us.

As well as manage the System along with Noele, Node is definitely an asset.

I'm extremely happy he's back and keen to help out as his work will not go unappreciated.

Welcome back, Noot.


@Arachnid has been promoted from i4R97Op.pngServer Support to 2ic0gg8.pngGame Moderator 

Arachnid was recently promoted to Support and has been doing a great job so far.

He's been consistently active & helpful for us and I'm happy to give him the promotion to Moderator


@Promise has been promoted to i4R97Op.pngServer Support

A solid application and all round nice person in the community.

Have never heard a bad word and I'm sure this won't change that (lul)

Keep up the good work and good luck with your new position.


@Gary has been promoted to i4R97Op.pngServer Support

I've known Gary for an unfortunate amount of time.

Time after time he proves himself loyal, funny & a knowledgeable person.

I've entrusted him with the YouTube Channel and he's doing a great job so far.

And since then he's been a great member of our Community, congratulations.



@Opihas been promoted to i4R97Op.pngServer Support

Opi has been staff with me a number of times.

He's extremely capable and reliable (most of the time).

I look forward to seeing how he performs this time around and I have nothing but high hopes.

Congratulations on your new position, stay consistent!


@Hot Milohas resigned from 2ic0gg8.pngGame Moderator

Milo has been with Ataraxia/Edelar/Vyre for years.

It's inevitable to get to a point where you lack motivation.

Unfortunately, he has reached this and sadly, my fellow Australian has decided to step down.

Definitely leaving a huge gap in the Australian timezone which sucks.

Thanks for all of your work, appreciate it & you.



@Phippzyhas resigned from 2ic0gg8.pngGame Moderator

Phippzy has been staff a few times, he's a great staff member to have.

He's knowledgeable about the game, updates and making sure everything's how it should be.

You all would've noticed the immense work he put into Item Bonuses & NPC Drops.

Thanks for all of your time Phippzy, will be annoying editing these myself 😢



Kind regards,


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congrats to all, especially you gayre

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6 hours ago, Jaedmo said:

(most of the time).

I really hope to change this to ALL the time. So, thank you for the opportunity. 

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Thanks for having me on the team,

I hope the new and current staff can keep the ball rolling.

All the best boys!

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity!! Hope to please everyone :D

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Congratulations to all those who have been promoted, and good luck on your future endeavours to the ones that have left farewell boys.

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