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Developer Q&A!

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6 hours ago, ely sia n said:

When is team ironman coming out? I've been talking to a lot of people who have gotten burnt out, and say that team ironman would re-motivate them to play.

What is stopping team ironman from coming out?

Nothing in particular relating to team/group Ironman is preventing it from coming out. However, there's a few issues relating to other content/core systems that have recently been prioritized by Jaedmo. We want to get these ironed out first, so that the existing systems/content behaves the way it should, before we go adding a new game mode which will probably introduce it's own bugs too.

Afaik, there is currently no ETA for team/group Ironman.

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12 hours ago, Bricklayer said:

Is there any plans on updating the bank?

So for example we could have loadouts or placeholders?

Absolutely. Would love to see Placeholders/Loadouts soon, there's just a lot of risk involved. So it'd take a lot of testing. And I think right now we have other priorities. 

11 hours ago, Skcam said:

Would stuff like agression potions/unstable essences be something you guys would like to add? Since people like to "afk" and runespan doesn't really have any good rewards atm.

Any chance of getting monsters in abyss?

Dailies like sink holes/caches?

Any chance of getting full ports? The current system is bad imo. If this is something you guys are working on it should be the way to get into "The Arc"

Thoughts about "The Arc" and any chance of adding it?



The Runespan shop is something we talked about previously, we were unable to find the Interface for it. But yeah I really do want to make Runespan worth a damn and give it some cool rewards.

It wouldn't be hard.

Thing is with this kind of stuff is if Jordan/Arham spend time on doing Sink holes & caches, which it would be a lot of time. I'd hate to see it instantly be dead content. I don't imagine it would, but it's always a worry. Otherwise I'd be happy to have Sink Holes & Caches, there's just other stuff that is taking priority at the moment.

No, I don't imagine so. Having fully working rs3 ports would be near impossible, the amount of variables, specifics, random events that occur it's not worth the time and resources towards it.

The Arc is 100% something we can do, I'll probs work on it myself this week.

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