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Fight Kiln & Fight Cave Service

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Fight Caves:

90+ Def & Range, 50m


Fight Kiln:

90+ Def & Range, 170m



If you got Summoning 99 the Kiln price decreases by 20m.

Caves + Kiln, 200m (180m with 99 Summ)

3x Kiln, 425m (375m with Summ 99) + 1x Fight Caves included


You can also pay with Rare Item Tokens:

Caves: 1 (will give you 20m)

Kiln: 2

Cave + Kiln: 3 (will give you 40m)

3x Kiln: 5


If your stats are below 90 Defense and Range pm me in-game/Discord/Forum to negotiate the price.

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