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Ataraxia Updates #7 - 20th October, 2018

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Ataraxia Updates #7

- Client Fixes
- King of the Skill
- Chime Shop Updates
- Tradeable Perk Boxes!!!


[+] Store Sale Rotation

- Enjoy 15% all Packages & 10% off of Charge Befriender for the next week!


[+] General Changes

- Alchemic Smithing now applies to Superheating ores
- T90 Armour/weapons & T87 weapons will now degrade properly
- Godwars Dungeon 1 drop rates have been nerfed
- Protean items have been removed as the singular item from Mystery Boxes. You will now only get the Packages
- Sirenic Armour now has Ranged Strength, hopefully it out dps' Void now, let us know. Working on Malev/Tectonic
- Runespan Nodes now spawn more often and in more spots
- Araxyte Pheromone now deletes after usage
- Added Active potion timers, type ;;potions, ;;timers or ;;pots. Or simply go to your Combat Tab and right click the top left image
- Daily Tasks will now properly award tasks less-.. Well, less-shit.
- The Tool Leprechaun now notes Empty Buckets
- Prayer Renewal expiring message will no longer be Filtered 
- All items in the future H'ween shop & Pumpkins have been made Untradeable. Sorry Kusiaka and others farming them 🙂
 - Portables have been added to the Squeal of Fortune and the Platinum Donor Shop
- Legio Spawn time has been lowered to 10 seconds from 60
- Super Compost has been added to the Donor Store


[+] Portable Skilling Stations

- You can receive these from Squeal of Fortune and the Plat donor shop

- Portable Fletcher:

  • 10% Extra Experience
  • 10% chance to save logs when Fletching Unstrung Bows or Stocks
  • 10% chance to save arrowheads/headless arrows when making Arrows
  • 10% chance to save unf bolts/feathers when making bolts
  • 10% chance to string two items at once when stringing bows/crossbows

- Portable Forge:

  • 10% extra experience
  • 5% chance to create an additional bar when smelting
  • 10% to save a bar per action

- Portable Crafter: 

  • 10% extra experience
  • 5% chance to save a gem when cutting it, excluding Onyx/Hydrix
  • Tan hides at the same price as using the Tanner 

- Portable Well:

  • Acts as a water source
  • Provides infinite vials of water
  • 10% extra Herblore experience
  • 5% chance to make 2 potions

- Portable Range:

  • 21% extra experience
  • Acts as a portable range (obv)
  • 5% chance to create an extra piece of food

- Portable Brazier:

  • 10% extra experience
  • 10% chance to not consume a log but still provides experience
  • Provides the benefits of bonfiring with the best logs possible regardless of what log you use

[+] King of the Skill

- This is a great update that has been overshadowed by the 2xdrops weekend.
- 50x Exp rate, you have 24 hours to get as many levels, experience as you can. 
- Every week the person who is 1st on the Hiscores will receive the King of the Skill rank on Discord & Forums and receive store credit.
- The game mode works similarly to Ironmen. You're unable to trade, use GE, use Well/DXP.

- Good luck, keen to see some competition, I for sure will be competing 🙂

[+] Perk Boxes

- Every perk is now an item! You donate for the Perk, receive a box, redeem the box for the Perk & donation total.
- It should be much easier to sell Donations now. However, anyone caught telling people to buy something then not purchasing it from them, this counts as scamming, and will not be tolerated.
- Only redemption of the box will give Donation total.
- We're aware of the issues with Squeal of Fortune & Ataraxia Coins, if you purchase them please message me.


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed typo with KK instance, saying Avarage not average
- Fixed Mystery Box typo
- Decimation now functions as a ranged weapon
- Fixed total levels displaying 2596 instead of the max level: 2595
- We've made huge progress on fixing the "Death Tile". Expect a fix as soon as possible.




Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele, Phippzy & Xenthium


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king of the skill sounds sick, shame about the x50 though, think a more challenging mode would've been better, also been nicer for receiving rewards.

Good to see portables have finally been added, suggested these a couple times.

thnk you to those involved with the updates. 😄 

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15 hours ago, Opi said:

king of the skill sounds sick, shame about the x50 though, think a more challenging mode would've been better, also been nicer for receiving rewards.

Well, @arham 4and I discussed this, he also thought it should be harder. But my thoughts came down to wanting to make it so people can achieve stuff in those 24 hours. I think with a lower XP rate, people would be only hitting level 80 stats on the last hours and it would limit what they can really do. 

But then, that might be what people would want, I don't know 😛

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7 hours ago, Bolinbear said:

Currently perk boxes are not tradeable, I checked this earlier today with Phippzy.

This issue has been resolved as of now.

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So far Sirenic seems to be great. Really glad it's finally a better alternative to void after using void everywhere. malevolent and sirenic are finally relevant. Though there seems to be a bug with the Sirenic hauberk where it constantly spams it's been degraded with every hit you take, making chat almost unreadable at certain bosses.

Legio spawn time improvement has made them a much nicer Reaper task. Before they would take forever. Really happy with that one too.

Perk boxes are extremely nice. With so many trading in game gold for donations, this removes the need for trust trading and staff attention when it comes to trading for perks. Very well thought out. Though not many players seem to know this is a thing yet. Will probably use this function a lot in the future!

Great updates! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next time.

Edited by Chloe
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