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Ataraxia Updates #6 - 14th October, 2018

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Ataraxia Updates #6

- Healer NPC
- Protean Packs
- Obliteration, Decimation & Annihilation
- Shrimpy & Tzrek-Jad
& Heaps of other changes!!!


[+] Store Sale Rotation

- The store sale will stay until next weekend.


[+] General Changes

- Void has been nerfed
- Added Charge Befriender to packages
- Obliteration, Decimation & Annihilation added to Hazelmere's shop (t87 Weapons)
- Unf potions no longer count towards Herblore actions
- Protean Packs have been added to Trivia store, Mystery boxes & Squeal of fortune
- Removed Avantoes from GE unlimited
- 2x drops command is now functional
- Bob now sells Reinforcing plates for Malevolent crafting & Vial of water packs
- You can now get Kiln pet & Jad pet from Fight Caves & Fight Kiln, 1/50 for both (1/50 runs, not jad kills, kiln jad's won't count)
- There is now a healer at home, Member's Zone & Platinum Zone which restores your health, if you are a Silver Donator or higher she'll also restore your Prayer and Summoning points.
- Agile top & Agile bottoms added to Trivia shop (requested)
- A bunch of new NPCs (and old ones) have been given clue scroll drops.
- Bork now drops substantially more Charms, Gems and Coins.
- Pure Essence drops added to a few low-level Slayer Creatures
- Snelms have been added to Unlimited GE for Clue Scrolls
- Farming Trees will now yield more experience
- Hiscores now scale by Total level instead of experience. We're aware of the 2596 issues and they'll be fixed asap
- Prifddinas harps now give 3 dust per action instead of 1, you still only get 1 for clicking it the first time
- Multiple items have been given Item Bonuses thanks to Phippzy
- Reduced the rate of Rise of the Six shields
- A crystal chest has been added to Member's Zone
- Reaper reset costs have been increased by 2m in preparation for a new Perk


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed players being able to make Unlimited divine locations
- Fixed Multiple Light path glitches on Araxxor and fixed the enrage escalation (shouldn't get hit over 1k anymore)
- Divination wisps no longer move when you harvest them
- Added total requirement to sell stuff on GE
- Of Seasons title now works
- Fruit Trees are fixed (finally) ask an Admin+ if you still have glitched trees we can remove them
- A few Runespan reworks
- Fixed Chaos Dwarf as Verac Bobblehead
- Sirenic Hauberk will no longer spam
- Changed the login spot to Lletya to prevent Black screening on log in for new players
- Wilderness Giant dungeon steps are now fixed



Not the biggest update, unfortunately. Jordan has been occupied with a Hurricane.. And without power.
There should be a fairly hefty patch next weekend and also... 2x drops..



Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Phippzy & Xenthium

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I think we can all agree a hurricane is a fair reason for the not so full patch list, but again thanking you all involved for the work gone into making this patch possible!

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Can't wait to grind out that shrimpy pet! Love the update log, hoping to see all the changes today! 😄 

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