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Found 1 result

  1. I will continue updating this thread, but as a normal ironman instead of a hardcore. I've separated the achievement tab, so you can see what I achieved while I was still hardcore. Hello everyone, I decided to make a thread dedicated to my HCIM. This will be an overview of my goals, my progress and of course my accomplishments. I will try to keep this as updated as possible throughout my journey here on Ataraxia. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playtime 1090 hours ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Goals Maintain rank 1 Work on hard & elite achievements Work on misc item goals through reaper tasks Finish all my t90 defenders (missing 1 ancient emblem) As a Hardcore Ironman my goals always change, therefore I'll try my best to keep this list updated regularly. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Stats & Bank MAIN TAB (tried to make it look pretty) SKILLING TAB HERBLORE TAB LOOT TAB POTIONS & MISC SKILLING OUTFITS & MISC COSMETICS & MISC ITEMS I DON'T USE EXTRA DROP TAB + PETS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Boss Log +500~ combined challenge mode GWD2 +100 more RotS runs +200 AoD (ish) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ports ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Accomplishments & Highlights