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Found 2 results

  1. Figured I'd make a post sharing the goals I'm going for on here so here goes! (Side note I plan on getting the 120 Dung at the level 15 I am right now) ((Decided it was time to do combat so I will not be getting 120 dung with 15 cb)) Red = Not started Yellow = In progress Green = Done/99! Cyan = 120! Attack 99/99 Strength 99/99 Defence 99/99 Range 99/99 Prayer 99/99 Magic 99/99 Runecrafting 99/99 Construction 99/99 Dungeoneering 115/120 HP 99/99 Agility 99/99 Herblore 99/99 Thieving 99/99 Crafting 99/99 Fletching 99/99 Slayer 99/99 Hunter 99/99 Divination 99/99 Mining 99/99 Smithing 99/99 Fishing 99/99 Cooking 99/99 Firemaking 99/99 Woodcutting 99/99 Farming 99/99 Summoning 99/99 Other goals I plan on getting will go here as I think of them! Max Cape Comp Cape Comp Cape (T) Top 10 Legend on high scores Pictures of the more proud goals will go here as I finish them!
  2. Yo guys, I'm not normally one to make a 'goals' post on a server, however I can actually see myself playing this server for quite some time, therefore I decided to give it a crack. This is mostly just a post to keep track of what I want to achieve in one place, but I'm sure at least a couple of you will be interested (or not, who knows). So yeah, I created my character on 10/10/2018 so it's not got much going on yet, however I thought I would create the post anyway! Skills Runecrafting: 1/99 PET: No Agility: 1/99 PET: No Mining: 61/99 PET: No Construction: 1/99 PET: No Herblore 3/99 PET: No Smithing: 7/99 PET: No Dungeoneering: 1/120 PET: No Thieving: 85/99 PET: No Fishing: 80/99 PET: No Crafting: 1/99 PET: No Cooking: 76/99 PET: No Fletching: 1/99 PET: No Firemaking: 75/99 PET: No Slayer: 1/99 PET: No Woodcutting: 75/99 PET: No Hunter: 1/99 PET: No Farming: 1/99 PET: No Divination: 1/99 PET: No **This list is not complete, I will add more to it as I decide upon more goals to pursue within the game**