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Found 2 results

  1. Fence

    Hello there

    Hello there! I'm Fence. I used to play back in the day before the roll back. Had a lot of fun and recently I came back to try the server again. I made an iron man account called Deun and I thought it was too easy. Now I switched to my hcim Fence and I'm having a lot of fun! The name fence comes from my job. I'm a fencing mechanic irl and I love my job! I'm 22 and soon to be 23. Living a humble life in Holland. I hope to make good friends on the server! Thinking of posting my progress on the forums.
  2. Heyo! Its been a while that ive played a RSPS, Ive been a owner of my own RSPS and multiple times moderator on servers. I'm very kind and helpfull person I will probarly spend as much time on the forum then in game, I love reading Ingame name(s): "Slave'' Bronze donator I always take such a long time writing intros, so I'll try my best to keep this one short and... Infomative???? Subjective? errk... On-point? Something like that. EDIT: I'm not sure if I'm happy with how my intro turned out, I might adjust some things here and there :) You definently don't have to read my entire intro, there's a good chance that alot of it may is plain boring, If you have something that you're curious about, then feel free to ask! Right so.. About me... About me, Hobbies Right so... About me. (info in no particular structure or order) I'm a Belgian militair currently in marine '' Officier "", which I'm pretty sure takes alot of time in my life I'm probably going to continue working in the army aiming to be commando one day, since.. well.. I'm already attending a quite intensive program in military school.. I always aim very high, When i tell someone im going to make the N1 highscore list i probarly will, I love competition !!!!! So bring it on :) I'm a very sportive person who loves to go outside, In my freetime i play RSPS and ride a motorcycle. Atm having a Kawasaki H2 and R1 from 2013 going to buy a H2SX oneday That's not very much now that I think about it '-' uhhh Oh right, Music! I'm very passionate about music! I've seen live, my favorite bands, favorite artists, bands I want to see live... etc.. haha I'm going to include some music stuff aswell, but.. Maybe not as much So instead, if you wish, then feel free to ask me about anything music related Music stuff Interesting Facts? Spoiler I'm registered on 29-08-2018 on Ataraxia! I've always been competitive even in the army I'm a great procrastinator. 😕 I've completed over 140 Anime series. I'm awful at spending money ( I just love to support good games, rsps's... to keep it up and new ) PEAAACEEEE OUTTT !!! ❤️