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  1. Personally, Don't believe we should add gambling. Sure, it attracts new players, But it also causes as much damage as it does good. In which I mean, that the players come, either get cleaned, or clean another member, then someone 9 out of 10 times, rage-quites and we're back at square 1. Deaths - Personally, I say pay coins. I feel that the others, revolving around armour degradation , could have a serious impact on the price of T90s. Given the current state of them, include degrading on death, they may be boycotted by a large amount of our player base. If this was bypassed by a perk, or charge befriender, Maybe it's a little more acceptable, but to me I'd sooner see just coins at a fair rate. This will keep the want for using t90's, with the current repairs already being expensive and hard to maintain. Keep PvP disabled, personally, doesn't bother me. But I feel we'll just get trolls at agility wildy course, and it'll cause more flame + rage than needed.
  2. Goodluck on your progress 😄
  3. In-Game Name: NemesisAge: 23Timezone: GMT+00 (UK)Why do you want to be Support?: I want to be support, because I enjoy everything about the server, and want to help as much as I can, in keeping the upward growth of the server, and ensuring that all of our players, old & new, enjoy their stay here at Ataraxia. Whether that be helping new players, or returning players who need a slight nudge in the right direction to get started, helping out with hosting fun events, and just generally making sure everybody here has a great time, and knows they are able to come to me or any of the staff team for assistance. What experience do you have?: I have been playing RS since roughly 07-08, I've learnt a lot of things in my time on the game, varying from game knowledge, to how some people may react to specific things, this has gave me an ability to have a deep understanding knowledge of the game, and also the ability to empathise with other players when they are in need of aid, and be able to help solve their queries as quickly and swiftly as possible. I've also spent many years during that time period on RSPS, being staff on a select few, which has gave me the pointers I needed to be able to bring my best self to the table for Ataraxia. Providing a professional and friendly service at all times. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I feel you should pick me over someone else, because I am always striving to ensure that players with questions/queries are answered and have an amazing time here, I also see myself as an easily approachable person, and easy to get along with, which I feel is a huge factor when you are looking for an in-game staff member. Somebody who is out-going and easily approachable by newer players, able to provide them with the knowledge they need. How much free time do you have?: I have roughly 10-12 hours per day of free time. This is subject to change in September when I begin my university course - But i will still have 6+ hours and all-day on weekends. Other notes: Please note, I have been active in-game over a week longer than I made my forum account. As i had issues first making my forum account therefore it was delayed, I hope this does not affect my application, however I understand if it does, and will not be deterred to try again at a later date. Many thanks for reading my application.
  4. Thanks man, your support means a lot ❤️
  5. I'd say, a basic "starter" guide. I've had new guys ask me 5-6 times everyday recently (especially on weekends) "how do i get started?", Another one would maybe be.. an up to date "money making" guide. Just the basics, so from say level 3, upto glacors/gwd 1. These are the two most common questions I get when i'm standing at home I find.. maybe more will come to mind later 😄 Also , I'd be willing to help where I can so feel free to ask for some assistance for any of the guides.
  6. I know, this has probably been done many times before.. But I don't fancy grave-digging so I'll make a fresh for some of the newer guys & older, to (hopefully) share links to a song that they can't get enough of recently.. i'll start i guess 😄
  7. Nemesis


    Welcome back man 🙂 Good to have you back with us ❤️
  8. Nemesis


    Welcome 😄 Glad you enjoy it 😛 hope you enjoy your stay here with us
  9. Welcome To Ataraxia! Seen you around a little, hope to see more 🙂
  10. Nemesis


    Welcome back man 🙂 Feel free to throw any questions you have my way. Goodluck on the ironman!
  11. Nice, great job on fixing the lag spikes guys. The hard works very appreciated 🙂
  12. Wasn't even aware this existed! Thanks for the guide, gives a bit of hope for the pet hunters out there 🙂
  13. Really like these perks, would be a nice addition to the store, especially the ;;task command, I know the DZ/PZ areas exist, but for the players who are either non-pz/dz or just don't want to setup an instance, the first perk would be a great option. Construction.. We all know this needs a little love, this would be a great addition. Combat - Yes. Once the Decimation spec is fixed, personally, I feel like this perk would be almost a must have with the Deci, the dps for certain bosses (Nex/Rots) would be great, and possibly rival the Nox, under very specific circumstances.
  14. +1 From me, did an amazing job, threw him an idea and he knocked it out the park. Thanks alot man ❤️
  15. Booties for days man! I presume the HM won't be coming back for a while since your HCIM now? I might PM you in-game about that topic..
  16. In-game Name: NemesisWhat is your time played?: 287HrsDo you have a lot of free time to test?: Roughly 8-10 hours per day, sometimes more.What content are you looking forward to testing?: Any late game PvM content that you guys are working on, But i'm also happy to test out skilling aspects and things such as minigames/events that may be in the works.How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: Having only recently fully quit RS3, I'm up to date with every boss + mechanic, as far as ED3. I like to keep myself in the loop in-case I'm ever needed for a +1 for close friends, so knowledge is a huge aspect for me.
  17. Awesome guide spoods, tyvm ❤️
  18. Would be good to see this implemented. The starter struggle was like none other.. With so much of the community being past the GWD1 level.. even now that chiming isn't possible, I still find that it's almost impossible for new players to get basic items such as bandos/armadyl, without the help of a high level player, or grinding for hours and hours, which could cause demotivation. Would really like to see this in-game so there's atleast an option for temporary better gear to be able to get the item you're hunting for with a little more ease. +1
  19. Can vouch for this, got the caves + kiln, fast & trust-able service 🙂 Thanks Nurri ❤️
  20. RIP. Glad to see you sticking around though Moo. Good luck on your new HCIM, rots soon yeah? 😉
  21. Favourite thing about Ataraxia - Has to be to be a strong tie between the community & the content. - Ataraxia has a unique blend of both, a great community with a lot of friendly people, and some unique content with plenty more to come. @Nut Would be the first guy I tag, purely because he brought me back onto here, and is a long-time close friend. Won't let me @ anyone else but they know who I would of tagged 😛
  22. Thanks craft! It really has man 😄 Never a dull moment in our pms 😉❤️
  23. Hey Guys, Nemesis here, IRL name is Nathan. Most of you will already of met me in-game, but figured I ought to put a post out here 🙂 I'm 23 Y/O, from England, been playing RS from around 2005-6, playing Ataraxia since 08/02/2019 , 8th of Feb. Not sure what else to say here, If you want to know anything else ask below or in-game , I don't bite 🙂 And a final thanks for the warm welcome i've already had in-game ❤️
  24. +1 from me. It'd be nice to see what the community thinks about upcoming updates, or even idea's others have had that the devs themselves have liked. Naturally, people are going to be split on opinions, but the decision would be made by the majority vote, if you don't like the update, simply don't participate. Would help a lot with the player bases immersion to the server, and make it feel as-though we're more involved, which would be a nice touch to an already great server with a great community.