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  1. Did i hear fashionscape?
  2. In this guide, I will go through some of the simple methods you can do to earn money. Skilling There are many ways to can go about through skilling, here are just some of the better methods. The first method would be Thieving. Pretty simple concept, If you thieve all the way from 1 - 99. Sell the stuff that you don't need. You would get decent amount of cash to get gears / equipments you need to start off. Second method is through Skilling Contracts. To get the good stuff, what you need to do is rush your way to 100 contracts. Sometimes you will get stuff randomly from contracts you have done. Magic stones and gems are your best friends here. Skip those which requires a bunch of stuff like e.g. strings, coal, etc. Unless of course if you have the materials for them. You can also use the Skilling shop to get more materials which lets you get even more rewards! Every 24 hours, there will be a crowned Skilling Champion which is given if you did the most contracts in the server, there will also be good rewards given for that title. Trivia How this method works is, every few hours / minutes there will be a trivia question. ll you have to do is answer them quickly to get cash and trivia points. Those points are good as they allow you to buy stuff from the Trivia store from the Wise Old Man. There is a trivia answer guide #thread362. So check it out! Barrows This method requires you to get some combat levels before doing. First off, head to the Warriors' Guild and get yourself a Dragon defender. Next head to Barrows and farm the living hell out of them, if you're lucky enough you might get a corrupted sigil, which sells for 100m in the market currently. If you want to have the most gp/hr. Get the skipper perk, as it allows you to directly enter the tomb without having to do the annoying puzzles. High Level Alchemy This method requires you to have 55 magic to do. I'm not too sure about which material to alch is the best but as long as it earns i'm okay with it. f you know which materials are good to alch fill free to put it in the comments. This is just a simple money making guide. I know there are many out there but this is only what i know, please no BM.
  3. Thanks for the update! Brings back my motivation to do skilling!
  4. In-game Name: Currently Alice Zuberg , Rimurus beforeWhat is your time played?: 362 hoursDo you have a lot of free time to test?: I can play most of the time unless IRL stuff comes upWhat content are you looking forward to testing?: Any skilling contents, pvm / weapon test, Seasonal EventsHow knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: I can do GWD , other bosses requires time for me to learn. I am however confident of skilling contents.
  5. Trustable service, would use again :) Did cave + kiln using his own gear since i have shit gear. Really grateful, thanks @Nurri
  6. Hate divination? I'm here to help, for the right price 🙂 Pm in discord or in game. ps. My first 99 and 120 in rs3 is divination..
  7. Rimuru

    Forum Event

    1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? The community most importantly, and the staffs are really helpful towards new players and i never had issues trying to ask questions 2: Tag at least one other player who has made your Ataraxia experience enjoyable & tell us why! All the staff team has made my experience in Ataraxia enjoyable. Communities like these in an rsps is hard to find, i have been to many, and this one is really unique just like a family? i guess. That's why i really enjoy playing this server.