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  1. Thanks for this Arachnid!
  2. It would be great if some of the older more experienced players wrote out some bossing guides for higher tier bossing. I'm talkin GWD2 and other higher level bosses, BIS, Mid, and Lowest recommended gear, what to watch out for mechanic wise, and maybe potental rewards. Please and thank you from me and all the other noobs out there who don't know crap. ;)
  3. I would support just so long as the polls don't make or break an update! An example of this I made in Friends chat, is when someone claimed the Skilling Contracts were 'a stupid and useless waste of time' because there wern't enough rewards for them. I and many others love the new Skilling Contract update, so if a poll comes out that X amount of players vote no, because it's not useful for their maxed account, other such updates arn't added, I would rather not have the polls. I do support the idea of community feedback through polls though.
  4. Maybe make it possible for the person or people who earned the most points in the time to get something like, an mbox, or maybe a couple spin tickets? Like a small reward to give players an incentive to try harder, but not overpowered to the point that those who don't care about competition would complain. You could even make the rewards similar to lms, where instead of armors and weapons, players get protean packs, or skilling supplies.
  5. Love this idea! My only worry is how the points based on actions would work, for example, some actions, like cutting gems, is far faster than crafting dragonhide, could you get the same amount of points crafting armour as you could cutting gems? (I would like to point out I have no programming experience so would have no idea if this is even possible but) Maybe impliment it in a sort of 'Stealing Creations' way? points awarded for placeing the item you crafted, cut, or mined into a deposit box and cashing them in for points. Reguardless I love the idea, and would find an event like this super fun.