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  1. Glaivens! The rest is charms, protean mats and crafting supplies. Got some barrows gear too.
  2. Oof that's a lot! Congrats on the progress.
  3. This is perfect. I was hoping to get a row (c) this weekend, so this guide came just in time. I would like to see the average prices for the items you mention are tradable, but that's the only thing missing.
  4. I can't remember which vote site, but the description for Ataraxia says that tries to keep the experience close to that of the official game. Being like Jagex isn't necessarily a bad thing. They made something nearly 18 years ago that is still really popular today.
  5. Polls would definitely be a very engaging thing to add. I really liked the RS3 content polls. Most of the ones I participated in weren't for changing game mechanics or features. They were almost always 3-4 different versions of the same pet/boss/weapon. It doesn't have to be a yes or no to the proposed addition either. It could simply be "We have 3 new content updates, which would you like first?"
  6. Yeah I was expecting to hit the 100m at least once. The "best" things I got were pets and dragon (or) kits. I'd rather donate for mystery boxes.
  7. Welcome back! I'm fairly new but just as glad to have you. I'm trying to learn the higher pvm content, so I'm sure I'll send some questions your way soon.
  8. Good luck on your adventure! Just when you think you've almost completed everything, something else will challenge you.
  9. I enjoy pretty much all aspects of the game. I'm some what of a collector. I've never done end-game bosses so I'm hoping to learn that here. :)
  10. Belated welcome Nemesis! Glad to have you here. What kind of content do you typically enjoy the most?
  11. Glad it had a tiny bit of purpose lol. I'm planning on doing the same thing for 100 mystery boxes in the future. Hopefully that's a bit more rewarding.
  12. Congrats on 120 wc! This is a pretty interesting challenge. I definitely would not be patient enough to try. I get burned out doing the same thing after a couple hours lol. Keep up the dedication!
  13. True, but it was 3am and I was ready for bed. I added a picture of the bank tab, but I already had a lot of these items so it's not accurate. Definitely not worth $80. Won't be buying spins again.
  14. Pretty disappointing tbh. Let me know if anyone is interested in buying anything lol Aggression potion (4) x2 Black dragon leather x95 Black knight captain's boots x5 Black knight captain's cuirass Black knight captain's gown Black knight captain's helm x3 Bladestorm drape x5 Blue dragon leather x32 Chrome goggles x5 Combat bracelet x2 Corrupt dragon chainbody Corrupt dragon platelegs x2 Corrupt dragon plateskirt x2 corrupt dragon scimitar x2 Corrupt dragon sq shield x5 Dark bow x3 Divine adamantite rock x4 Divine bird snare x6 Divine box trap Divine bronze rock Divine coal rock x6 Divine crayfish bubble x5 Divine deadfall trap x2 Divine herb patch I x4 Divine herb patch III x3 Divine herring bubble x3 Divine iron rock x5 Divine kebbit burrow x2 Divine maple tree x5 Divine oak tree x2 Divine rocktail bubble x2 Divine runite rock Divine simulacrum I x2 Divine tree Divine willow tree x3 Dragon 2h sword Dragon bones x57 Dragon boots x4 Dragon full helm ornament kit (or) x2 Dragon platebody ornament kit (or) x4 Dragon platelegs/skirt ornament kit (or) x3 Dragon sq shield ornament kit (or) Elite black armour set x2 Elite black platebody x4 Elite black platelegs x3 Emerald golem boots Emerald golem gloves x3 Emerald golem head Emerald golem legs x3 Emerald golem torso x2 Fish mask Giant's hand x4 Green dragon leather Huge XP lamp (Thieving) Huge XP lamp (Woodcutting) Medium XP lamp x3 Medium XP lamp (Agility) x6 Medium XP lamp (Attack) x4 Medium XP lamp (Constitution) x7 Medium XP lamp (Construction) x6 Medium XP lamp (Cooking) x4 Medium XP lamp (Crafting) x6 Medium XP lamp (Defence) x11 Medium XP lamp (Dungeoneering) x10 Medium XP lamp (Farming) x5 Medium XP lamp (Firemaking) x3 Medium XP lamp (Fishing) x5 Medium XP lamp (Fletching) x8 Medium XP lamp (Herblore) x8 Medium XP lamp (Hunter) x4 Medium XP lamp (Magic) x3 Medium XP lamp (Mining) x5 Medium XP lamp (Prayer) Medium XP lamp (Ranged) x8 Medium XP lamp (Runecrafting) x5 Medium XP lamp (Slayer) Medium XP lamp (Smithing) x4 Medium XP lamp (Strength) x4 Medium XP lamp (Summoning) x5 Medium XP lamp (Thieving) x3 Medium XP lamp (Woodcutting) x3 Pith helmet x3 Portable crafter x2 Portable forge Portable range x6 Portable well Prison uniform top x4 Prison uniform trousers x5 Protean logs x1 Raw rocktail x58 Raw shark x84 Red dragon leather x44 Rubber chicken x3 Ruby golem boots x5 Ruby golem gloves x3 Ruby golem head x5 Ruby golem legs x2 Ruby golem torso Rune bar x56 Rune hatchet x3 Rune pickaxe x3 Sapphire golem boots Sapphire golem gloves Sapphire golem head Sapphire golem legs x2 Sapphire golem torso x4 Silverhawk feathers x200 Skull sceptre x2 Small protean pack Snowboard (tier 1) Snowboard (tier 2) Snowboard (tier 3) x2 Supply cache x2 Twitching orb
  15. Kope

    Praesul Codex

    Congrats! Grindscape pays off.