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  1. In all honesty Gambling when produced in such ways proposed, can be properly monitored of gambling seeds/dice bags. These can be literally handed out to trusted people from administration themselves. I've been an advocate for gambling polls since they started, it really generates it's own money and we have a lot of GP sink to offer so. Think we have been up long enough since the re-launch anyway to be able to sustain our community with pretty much anything they want Fact. So the potential to lose/break high-tier or mid-tier gear can be bank breaking at times no matter who or what your bank looks like, we all get cocky AF. Just the thought of item loss on death is enough for a double think, but it's something that I personally think now we will have to endure. I die alot so... Im not voting this way cause I a sick PVMER..... EURM NO M8 AM' A FOOKIN SKILL3R. Enabled wilderness, but make it not about PVP, it's a side thing more than anything, warbands is a major minigame for BARE EXPS, people will want to do this, its been suggested since i started here years ago 6-7 times. make some initial plans for this warbands set in place some weird and fun rules which could enable the pvp side of the wilderness to be a more active role withing Atar.---- Cause come one its funny af when you KO someone.....
  2. Welcome to Ataraxia; Hope you enjoy your stay here 😄
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    Please enjoy your stay here man 😄
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    Welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay here.. Again 😄
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    Welcome back Kyam 🙂
  6. Nicely done my bro, also nice to be able to keep an eye on ur progress via CC 😄
  7. I really like the hidden content drop bar to see progress, Goodluck Moo hopefully you get many waffles for your achievements.
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    Hey, Nem Here.

    Welcome to Atar Nathan, hope you enjoy your stay here with us
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    Welcome to Atar, hope you enjoy your stay here with us! 🙂
  10. Nice progress thus far Levi! Keep at it my bro!
  11. I really like this idea, and nicely constructed with relative information.I am all for a skilling event, there seems to be a lot of events in relation to pvm and combat orientation here. It would be nice for us to have a lil' something for the skillers in us all. I couldn't say much on the rewards, as that would be something to discuss with the staff, but think you're going in the right direction here with this event! Great work Craft 🙂
  12. Nice man, starting off with the slowish ones first is what i'd of done, good luck on future 120s.
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    Welcome Moo, enjoy your stay!!