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  1. A very nice variety of changes here! Thanks! Appreciate the time everyone has put into these!!
  2. Your last guide got me through the acid path, I will definitely be using this for my future residence at Rax! Thanks Chris bro.
  3. very nice! cannot wait to participate on some of these events!
  4. Nicely organized for a second time round write-up! Thanks to all those dedicating their time towards helping get these updates tested and uploaded to the live server you da mvp
  5. Thanking all those who put their time into making this patch. Awesome additions!
  6. Excluding cow and cave horror bug swarms, hobgoblins, earth warriors, ankou and maybe not infernal mages.
  7. Opi


    Welcome Tyler to the forums! Hope ya enjoy ya stay at Ataraxia!
  8. lootshare could be easily added i would've thought with the shard's you'd get on RS. I heard the actual lootshare system itself is quite hard but i could be wrong. dom tower skip intro ploxage. Nice suggestions 🙂