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  1. as a legendary you lose a lot of trivia points due to no commands. they can make it where ;;bank doesn't work while in the runespan to prevent banking. but nothing gained in the runespan would be beneficial to bank anyways.
  2. Problems I have noticed within the runespan * can not use any commands which doesn't allow us to vote etc. * When anywhere within the runespan and you logout it sends you back to the first floor and removes all runes/essence gathered prior to logging out * when using certain teleporting pads they glitch and you have to teleport home * nodes spawn very rarely and last nearly forever until they are siphoned making it hard to find/do nodes * the runespan perk should make the essence you gather from a full siphon slightly more so you dont rune out of essence while training. Without perk you siphon 10 runes get 50 essence. With perk you siphon 50 runes and get 50 essence. With someone else a chance you will get no essence and you can only grab 25 at a time. I apologize for the quality of this post I'm on my phone.