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  1. Moo

    Ironman Diary Video

    Not bad for your first mate, good job. Look forward to seeing you progress 🙂
  2. Moo

    Hello there

    Welcome, glad to see another HCIM! Don't freeze at KBD like I did. 🙂
  3. Moo


    Welcome! Always good seeing old players return.
  4. Welcome Guts, already have gotten to speak to you in-game. Glad you're here and enjoying it as much as you are!
  5. As of the beta, the dollars do not count toward your amount donated. When the packages/spins/etc bought with the Ataraxia Dollars are redeemed by the player, they get the value of said item to their donation total. Also, great update guys. Thanks for the bug fixes and lag resolution.
  6. Moo


    Welcome back, good choice on the ironman. Hope you enjoy your time back on!
  7. +1 Clean, well done work. Able to do what you ask for in a speedy amount of time and worked with me to get exactly what I wanted. Thanks man!
  8. 2/23/2019 I lost my first HCIM account. This is an extremely messy and horribly cropped post, but I figured I'd write this as a quick last RIP to my old account. I learned a lot from my first experience, and had an unfortunate death due to a freeze. I got cocky, and went somewhere I shouldn't of been at my level. No other modes suit my level of enjoyment I got from HCIM, so that account has been wiped and I'm back and better than ever. I will be creating and actively updating a new goals post (the other one will be deleted, as I did not get far with it) so look out for that and please give me feedback for my journey. This goals post will be a lot more active, as this time I will be taking statistics and photos from day one. I'm glad I will not be departing from the community early, as I've had more fun in the past month than I have in a while. Cheers to you all, toxic or not, for making this an exciting environment to game in. This was frustrating, but thanks to everyone who supported me post death and made me keep going. (There are not many photos, but I figured I'd post them anyways, as I feel my achievements in my time were mildly impressive and I was going nowhere but up).
  9. Lovely guide, thank you Snowie 🙂
  10. Thanks for all the effort, love to see everything that is being done to improve the server. Props.
  11. Account Information Moo Account Created: 2/21/2019 Hardcore Ironman (x5) Diamond Donator Ammount Donated: $512 Time Online: 102h 58m 25s Acheivements Easy ( % Completed ) Medium ( % Completed ) Hard ( % Completed ) Elite ( % Completed ) Investigator I Investigator II Investigator III Zoo Keeper Getting There On Task II On Task III Track Star IV Blacksmith Reaper Sins I Reaper Sins II The No-Lifer Baked Goods Sibling Love I Sibling Love II KK's Defense Dragon Jewel Roarin 90s Full Wardrobe KK's Archer Blood Sacrifice Fall Harvest Track Star III KK's Reflector On Task I Track Star II The Veteran Mad Max The Skipper Fitting In Slayer Safety Skilling Addict IV Dedication Corrupt Guard Ancient Guard God Slayer II Kill Confirmed Tainted Archer Ancient Archer Killer II A-Void Conflict Citizenship II Ancient Light Star Student Blighted Rally Citizenship III Citizenship I Skilling Addict II From Up Above Track Star I Skilling Addict II The New Guy God Slayer I Skilling Addict 1 Killer I
  12. Moo

    Hey, Nem Here.

    Welcome man, hope you continue to enjoy the server. If you ever want a chat or need any help let me know. 🙂
  13. Would definitely use some fine tuning as people have already replied about in the thread.. But all around I think the idea is really neat and could do nothing but positively add to the server. Hope it gets looked further into, nice job man.
  14. Moo


    Welcome man, already had the pleasure of speaking to you in game. Hope you continue to enjoy the server, let me know if you need anything. 🙂
  15. Awesome guy, has helped me a lot since I met him. Good knowledge of the server, easy to talk with, on quite frequently. Good luck man.