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  1. Allison was also beyond gorgeous, also what was your fav season? mine was scott becoming a true alpha & dark stiles my god ❤️
  2. Hello everyone i am Timebrawler i have been lurking in the shadows of ataraxia for well over a year now and as you all know 2018 wasn't the best year for ataraxia activity wise so i kept a low profile as i saw the team was planning on revamping the server for a new release, so here is my official introduction I'm Timebrawler i'm from central usa im 22 turning 23 in a couple months, i play alot of rs3 oh and i'm more of a Forums/Discord type than ingame so chances are you might never see me ingame 😛 Hoping to make some new friends here ^^ i know it's a short intro but hey if you wanna know more just ask i'm a pretty friendly guy OH btw i like toast '-' p.s. @Jaedmo i see ur a Teen wolf fan but the real question is Allison or Kira? 🤔