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  1. I am also on behalf on most of the comments on this thread. I appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making updates happen, but like others are saying i also do believe making decimation bow degrade to dust with such a high chime price (before update) is terrible, and even worse now that there has been a nerf to chime income so to say. i personally dont have the decimation and have only put 100hrs into the server and yet only have 2000 chimes, have 16 sirenic scales/86~ i thought it was at a good balance for sirenic and chime shop personally. The mole great addition for ironmen especially! welcoming the combat style stats changes, mage is always left behind in servers and its nice to see you guys trying to do something about it. Boss timers brings a refreshing contest against players. overall most of this update i fully support but the items degrading to dust after spending soo much time getting chimes (now with the nerf even longer) is just stupid, deci just wont be gone after because it just goes to dust not worth the time in my opinion.