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  1. Fapple


    Welcome to the community my guy, i hope you enjoy your stay here with us as a legendary ironman! good choice! I look forward to playing with you in the future! Best of luck man, and i wish you well on your goal to a few 99's 🙂
  2. I mean it as nice as possible, but I really have no idea who you are.. I have not seen too much of you in-game, much less actively helping other players. Maybe give it more time, immerse yourself in the community a little more my friend 🙂 and actively work on how you support the rest of the server with your time and knowledge. I wish you the best. ~Fapple
  3. I've seen you around a little bit as of recent (sorry im kinda new 😛) so I cant say too much for your past. I do remember playing an LMS with you 😉 As of now; I'm really glad you have such a passion for the server, that there is rare to find in many players. I look forward to seeing how you'll be a part of the community! It's reassuring to hear you hold yourself to a standard of truthfulness and fairness when it comes to player and staff interactions within the player base. Previous experience is always a nice thing to have under you belt, (i have some myself) and I also agree with you that size doesn't matter when it come to standards and QoL inside of the game. No matter the player amount what you do still matters and affects the community. In my eyes though I would want to see a little more player to player help in game. [e.g. friends chat/pub chat advice and help, meeting players to instruct/teach] As well as a little more activity in the Friends Chat as general company. Maintain your touch with the rest of the players. Both here and in game. I wish you the best of luck on your application! but for now I will stay neutral +/- 0 nothing against you, I just feel I don't have the playtime to create a fulfilling vote my friend. ~Fapple P.S I will add one thing. Yes knowledge is a great thing to have, but what makes a great player.. is knowing how to apply it, and use to help others.
  4. Welcome into the community my guy, hope to see you in game. I hope you enjoy your stay with us! 🙂
  5. Fapple

    Hello :P

    Nice to see you jumping right in to our community! I look forward to seeing you in-game and check out your topics on forums ^.^ ~Fapple
  6. Scrumptious looking updates and fixes around here 🙂 definitely looking forward to some more mboxes from voting lol Very good work developer team, keep up the great ass work!
  7. Duly noted my (hopefully new) friend. 🙂
  8. Hey now! it's been a minute! And of course you're a mod 😉
  9. Whats up everyone my names Fapple, I'm an avid skiller in game, and somewhat enjoy to take my time on things, so legendary here I come. 😛 I look forward to experiencing this server with all of you! 🙂