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  1. This is a cool idea and definitely gets my support. However, atm the rewards seem pretty bad. you said the xp will be less than mz which is fine but if the xp is going to be not that great then the actual item rewards need to be better. 2 events giving 250k xp = 250k xp an hour or 125kxp per event. Is this going to be more xp than just doing the most optimal method of training outside the event? If not then whats the point? The only way to make this viable is that the random reward you get for winning, like lms, has to be really good otherwise no one is going to waste 30 minutes playing the game and it will be dead content soon after release. People don't play lms for the souls they play to win for the chance to get the big-ticket items. Lms also only takes a few minutes as opposed to 30 minutes so really the rewards should be even better for this event. overall I love this idea and definitely support it, however, I think you need to think more about the rewards because ultimately that is going to decided whether this event is played or not. I don't know what rewards would be good without being eco breaking but maybe make the random reward at the end skilling supplies (supply caches?) and a very small chance of rares (crackers? h'weens?). No one is going to take lower than optimal xp if the rewards are trash. P.S. 120 events (60 hours) for a perk is too long. Any moneymaking method that makes more than 10m/ hour is better than this. Maybe make this a very rare reward for winning?
  2. 1: Would you like to see this becoming a consistent monthly occurrence? (Yes or No). yes 2: How can we improve going forward? (Event Suggestions/Feedback) add lootshare but make is shards so ironmen can join in.
  3. Hey everyone, I am relatively new to this server and have a few suggestions/ bug fixs I want to share. Most of these things will not take long to code and greatly improve QOL suggestions: 1) Better slayer rewards - not 100% sure on the rewards but here are a few suggestions - herb sack, gamble option for skilling/PVM resources, herb boxs, 2)let irons duo slayer ( at least with other irons) 3)collection log like on rs3 4)let irons use sof or at least let us use spin tickets on other players so we can transfer them to our alts 5)make it so if you use an item on a bank booth it notes all of those items that are in your inventory and also when you use a noted item on a bank booth it unnotes it and fills your inv 6) make it so we can add bone crusher to our toolbelt and use a command to access its settings 7)add the potion/food shop to mz 8 ) add summoning obelisk to mz (and home?) 9) when you are doing barrows there should be a list of all the barrows brothers you've killed so far somewhere on your screen 10) add a potion timer to your screen (can toggle on and off in settings) bugs: 1) normal and elite void say you aren't using void when you do ::void and im pretty sure they don't work 2) going from lms to dung tele blocks you 3) Lots of monsters have really low slayer xp, the only ones I can remember for certain are rock crabs and turoths but there's definitely more 4) not really a bug, but add a description to the slayer ring in the shop so people know what it does. I went 10 hours of slayer without knowing because i thought it was just the default slayer ring.