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  1. +1 from me, can see you being a great support
  2. 320 episodes of filler is more anime in filler than ive watched in total yikes
  3. so 10 eps out of 10948875487586943?
  4. Witt

    Laua Viin

    Welcome to the forums
  5. Witt

    Hi Everyone!

    Hey, welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here with us
  6. The layout to this, is way too visually appealing reeeeee. Good luck on the pets tho friend
  7. Basic but it gets the job done
  8. In-Game Name: Witt (previously Awls/Nut) Age: 21 Timezone: EST (UTC -5) Why do you want to be Support?: Since starting in January, I've grown to love this server, but more so the community we have, and I want to help build it more, be it helping new players, returning players, or anyone who needs help with anything. What experience do you have?: I've been playing RS since 2014, in that time I've built a fairly strong knowledge of rs3 related content, from skilling, to most bosses with the exception of group bosses and telos. In terms of Ataraxia, I've gained a fair amount of knowledge in my time here, from the basics to end-game pvm. As for staff experience, I have a little but not much, I was a moderator on a small server for 4-5 months, and an admin on that same server for around a month. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I see myself as an approachable person, I thoroughly enjoy helping others out, and I know how to keep my personal feelings out of the way when dealing with any situation that might come up. I'm also very active during a hard to fill time slot. How much free time do you have?: At the moment, I've got almost all day free and I'm online for usually 10-15 hours a day Other notes: I'm aware my forums activity is low, but I'm constantly lurking on forums and discord, but I'm always active in-game.
  9. Gambling - No, I've always seen gambling do more harm than good to a server. Cost for death - Support, death costs are a great money sink if balanced correctly PvP - I'm not big into pking, so this doesn't effect me personally, but I can see some people enjoying pvp content
  10. Good luck ironmeme 🙂